Looking for clothing designers, builders and scripters for a Homestore

Hello, Kiara Outlet is looking for designers and builders for My New Homestore.

Currently, I’m the only designer and builder for my Homestore and I am looking for designers, builders and scripters. I will be giving the % share of the profit we made exclude expenses. If you want to be a part of the biggest Homestore in Roblox, please join me. I will 100% work hard for our store to be successful. If anyone willing to be a part of this journey, please contact me.

Discord Sever : Akio's server

Here are my products (I have around 100 pieces of clothings)


Hi, I’m interesed, I’m buildier

I’m Interested in This Post I Will Work For Extremely Cheap Prices If You Give Me Credits I’m a Builder & Designer
Portfolio [FREE] Designer & Builder [OPEN]

Hello, Im Interested in Clothing Designer. Here Is My Portfolio

Messaged to @DoryShelby0, @DevDomIV, @JUB0T

Hey there, I’m Gchords! I’m interested in being your Clothing Designer. Gchords | (Orders Only!) Clothing Designer

Sadly, I won’t be using Discord for business.

Need Scripter still? I cannot use discord though, so please message me on this.

I’m interested! Here is my portfortfolio: [CLOSED] ixArcher | Clothing Designer

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