Looking for coders

Hey, guys!
I’m new to the DevForums so I have no clue if I’m doing this correctly but eh what ever.

I’m looking for someone that can not only turn admin only code into normal code, but also know sort of advanced stuff.

The project I need help on is mainly a passion project and not for a purpose of making money, so unless the project makes money I will try my best to pay you for the work you do.

If you have any questions or if you want to be hired just message me I guess, oh btw the scripts are like over 1000 lines so uh yea.


You cannot look for hires in this category, and I’m not sure if you can on any category. It breaches forum rules.

Go to the talent hub and create a listing.


As Amora said, you cannot hire here anymore you have to use the talent hub. Also try:

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