Looking For Experienced Scripter(s)!

About Us

Hi! My name is Inkwood and I’m a part of a team that is currently trying to recruit a variety of developers for a game that we’re in the making of! We’re currently called Glacial Games, however, it may change in the near future!

About the Game

This game is intended to be an immersive first-person shooter that is not only easy to the eye but is also addicting to play, with it having almost FULL customization on the character, guns, etc, but also having advanced movements that we’d be introducing through the use of an Exo-Skeleton, however, the weapons that will be used are all from the current Era of Warfare.

At the moment we do not have a name for the game and we’re open to suggestions!

About The Job

I will emphasize that I will NOT take you upon my team unless you have an already made portfolio and or examples that I am able to see.

I will also emphasize that if you take this job that you’re expected to work for us later on. (Development Updates, Bugs or just general fixes) but you would still get paid for your work.

I’m using this to help me describe what it is exactly that I am looking for in a Scripter.

At the moment I am trying to find one or two at max experienced scripter(s) that for one, has experience with inverse kinematics (character rigs) and is able to help us animate it, etc. Has previous experience with databases, as well as experience with guns (Reload, aim down sight, Shoot, etc.), as well as a customization system for said guns.

In a list what I am needing is;

Custom Loadouts (Similar to Call of Duty, Phantom Forces, etc), where you can edit what weapons you’re using, the skin of it, the attachments etc.

Working Weapons (Shooting, Reloading, Aim down sight, stab, killstreaks.)

Functional Exo-Skeleton

Perk System (Exactly what Call of Duty has)

Stat Save (Able to view overall KDR, Win/Loss)

Rank up system via XP (Points from in-game)

Changeable settings (Sensitivity, Colours, etc, etc.)

Gamemodes (TDM, FFA, Domination and a bunch other)

Map Voting system via UI

Party up system (So you can party up with your friends and able to play on the same team as them)

In-game Store (Cosmetics, Game passes)

Cash System for the In-game store.

Although all of the above is what I will end up needing, as of currently I only need the necessary things to be able to push it into Pre-Alpha, which would include Custom Loadouts, Working Weapons, Gamemodes (Only TDM or Domination for Pre-Alpha), and the functioning exoskeleton.

This is a continuation from another post; Looking for experienced Developer(s)!


We are paying USD. Our preferred payment method is PayPal. The price will vary upon each task to each developer.

Contact Us

You can reach me via discord through the tag Ink#5777 / Inkwood

You must be 13 years or older to apply.

I look forward to working with you in the future if you happen to be chosen.

Many regards, Inkwood.


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