Looking for Feedback and Ideas for my Upcoming Game!

Hey, Developers!

I currently intend to create a round-based minigame-type game. I would like to receive feedback and support around the game’s ideas and mechanics before I go too deep into development!

I’ve given the game a lot of thought and would like feedback on my ideas, and I also have some parts I’m not sure about - where support would be beneficial!

This post might turn out to be quite long, but I’ll try to make it as concise and clear as possible while staying informative.

Art Direction Ideas
Isometric-like Viewpoint

Something that would make my game quite different is the viewpoint I’m considering the player’s camera to have. I think it would allow me to give the game a unique building style.

Low Poly Tilemaps

So, how would an isometric viewpoint make the building style unique? I would like to create the game’s maps out of Low Poly Game Tiles, (made in Blender) and structure it like a tilemap.

If I made a set amount of tiles with different themes, it would allow me to create multiple maps using the same game tiles, saving me time and giving the game a consistent art style. So far, these are the themes I’d like to have:

  • Standard Theme
    Grass, Trees, Rocks, Bridges, etc.

  • Desert Theme
    Sand, Palm Trees, Dead bushes, etc.

  • Underground Theme
    Cave, dungeon, or underground-like theme, with lava.

(I may also go for a Winter Theme, with Snow and Ice Tiles.)

Concept Pictures

Game Mechanic Ideas
Custom Movement Controls

Custom Character Controller that will allow for a better and more dynamic style of movement than Roblox provides.

  • Wall Jump
  • Double Jump
  • High Jump
  • Slow Fall
  • Dive
  • Crouch

(Thanks to EgoMoose’s Platformer Character Controller this has been much easier, I’ve already modified it to my taste and made it function for mobile!)

Ragdoll On Death

When a player dies during a minigame, their character will ragdoll. The dead body will last until the selected Minigame is over.

Minigame Ideas
Obby Minigame

A random Obby would be selected (I would like to create multiple maps). It would be a time-based minigame, all players who complete the Minigame in time would win.

I would like the different maps to have different themes, with moving platforms and jumps, forcing the player to use the movement mechanics.

Rocket Launcher Minigame

All players would receive a rocket launcher. The last one standing wins. I would also like to create different maps for this Minigame.

I would like to create a rocket launcher that causes a lot of recoil, allowing the players to ‘fly’ with them. It would be interesting to see how they could mix that with the custom movement controls, making it into a movement-skill-type minigame.

'Earthquake' Minigame

Basically, there will be different maps for this Minigame as well. The idea will utilize the custom control system and the tilemap build style.

The Minigame will be time-based. Everyone still alive after the time run out wins. Random tiles in the map will start sinking, it will begin at a slow pace, but soon speed up.

Close to the end of the Minigame, there won’t be many tiles left to stand on, which would force the player to make use of the custom movement system to get to the other tiles still there.

Those are my current thoughts about what I’d like to do with the game. How do you feel about them, do they seem fun to you? What do you think I could do to make it better? And do you have more ideas expanding this?

Next up is things I have yet not given too much thought since I’m not yet entirely sure of how I would like to go about doing this. Therefore, ideas would be very beneficial!

Currencies and Shop

So, I would like to create different currencies in the game. Perhaps, every time you win a game, you would receive a set amount of coins? However, it might be good to give the user multiple types of ways to earn coins?

I’m also considering adding second currencies, perhaps diamonds, something in the like? Or an original type of currency. If there were a level system, maybe you could get diamonds from there, or give the player the ability to purchase diamonds with Robux?

I’m thinking the player may be able to buy coins with diamonds? Anyway, I have no idea how I would like to do the shop. Should I go for a shop with different items you can buy or is using crates a better idea? And what would the shop contain, what should player’s be able to purchase?

Game Loop

The game loop I’m thinking of is currently very simple.

  • Intermission, (15 seconds?)
  • Random Minigame is chosen.
  • The Minigame (1-2 minutes?)

What do you think would be good, I don’t want the wait-time to be too long, making the players bored. However, I still want to give them time interacting with the lobby and shop. How do you think I should balance this?

I would also like ideas on how players should get the end of game results! Should I do it in a simple manner, having a label telling who won, or would it be better to have some sort of end game statistics rewarding you with coins depending on how you played, i.e. if you won, how many seconds you survived?


So, if the player dies or during intermission, they’ll be in the lobby. Other than spectating other players, what could the lobby have to entertain the player while they wait?

The only idea I have so far is an obby that could reward the player when they complete it. Other than that, I have no ideas.

So, reading through all of that may have given you some ideas, or perhaps you have feedback for mine? Everything you can think of is very much appreciated! There’s no need to sugarcoat, and sure, it could be nice. But don’t be afraid not to!

I do have some polls for you, I’d love to hear why (or who not) you think in a certain way!

What view would you prefer the game to be in?

  • Isometric-like View
  • Normal 3D View

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Does the game’s ideas seem fun to you?

  • Yes!
  • A little fun.
  • Maybe, I’m not sure.
  • Meh, I don’t like these types of games.
  • No, I don’t like the idea at all.

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And, at the end of this entire post, I would like to thank you. Thank you for reading all of this, and spending your time to try and help me. I appreciate it.

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If you feel it has potential, go for it.

Good luck!

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I liked your game! Also, not for spam, but I made a thread similar to yours with my game, which is about MEGAgames, and you can get some ideas in there:

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Two of your elements seem at risk of clashing hard. The isometric view will cause great hindrance and frustration to your advanced movement controls since it reduces the player’s depth perception.

I’d recommend ditching the isommetric view for anything platforming based, but otherwise it sounds fine, even though the loop is a bit generic at this point.


I’m not sure how I would make an interesting and less generic game loop, I can’t think of anything right now, but am definietly open for suggestions! Do you have any ideas?

You can make a great game just like epic mini games! This game your building has great potential. I might play it and see how it is when it’s out.

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