[Looking for Feedback] Granular Syntax Highlighting

Hi Developers!

We’re revamping our :rainbow: Syntax Highlighting :rainbow: in the Script Editor and want to get your feedback!

We will have a Roblox Default color theme along with the option to use preset color themes similar to other software.

There will also be more granular categories so you can create a custom theme based on your preference of keywords, booleans, methods and more.

New Highlighting

Below are the designs for the default Roblox theme and the new categories that will be highlighted!

Leave Your Feedback!

We would love to get your feedback on the proposed colors, highlighted categories, and anything else you have to share :smiley:


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These are decent default colors, although I’m super hyped to be able to create custom themes.
In the first image, does the table key access color change from the dark blue (line 30) to bright yellow (line 21) as soon as you follow it up with parenthesis?


Colors! Colors everywhere! :art:

Thanks for this update! :smile:


Why does self have a different color from everything else? The coloring seems fine, but having self be a different color is a bit jarring and out of place.


I think this addition would be nice! More customization is always better.


This is amazing, but I feel like the comments in the light theme stand out way too much (now and in this design). Similarly, they are almost hidden in dark mode. I think the light mode comments should be a grayscale color, too.


The ability to have custom keyword colors would be nice. For example: being able to name specific keywords like script (even though it is a reserve) or anything else that might be a frequent appearance in dev environments may be nice.


Pretty cool. This will definitely improve readability as a whole!

One question - will we be able to customise special comments? A few might not follow the crowd and tend to opt for stuff like

-- INFO: Make this function name more descriptive
-- DEF: This function does X with Y, then returns Z

It would also be cool if we’re able to customise more than just the colours - such as having keywords bold & italicised


This is a change that I find to be very useful. I was tired of the majority of my code being white since many keywords didn’t have highlighting.

Quick question, how many different color themes are planned to be added? I’m okay with making my own, but I find it easier to pick from a preset list at times.


I think having self as a different color is important. It’s important when you are using it for things like OOP where you may be referencing values that could be pretty hidden (if its a big ‘class’, for example) and by having it as its own color it will stand out. It sorta feels like its own thing when dealing with metatables, modules, etc. and so having it as almost its own “class” of formatting is pretty reasonable, especially for coloring.


We’ve seen that developers want to distinguish self from other keywords but please let us know if that’s not the case!


Seems good. Keep up the great work!

Excited for custom themes!

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We were thinking of having 3 pre-set themes; Roblox default, VSCode theme, and a Sublime theme. We’re also hoping that developers can make their own color themes and share a screenshot of their settings so others can use it :slight_smile:


Just Amazing And Beautiful!!!


Hey @EncodedLua! Yeah, we will be using the parenthesis information to detect the appropriate highlighting :smiley:


This is awful for us light-mode users. You put more light text on-top of a white background!


What about a way to generate and share a file that contains a theme that users created? It’d make sharing themes a lot easier!


I feel like self is a bit weird as its own keyword, especially since typed luau almost completely discourages the use of self (the implicit generic typing of it is often disastrous).

One of the things I like the most about VScode’s handling of TypeScript is that it gives every identifier in the type expression context a blue highlight. Hopefully there can be some consistency here as well?