[Looking for Feedback] Granular Syntax Highlighting

A VSCode theme? That’s great! I’ve been looking for something like that! :slight_smile: My opinion on the theme that’s displayed is that it’s much better then what is currently there. Will there be a native feature for making your own theme? It would also be very nice to have a theme made just for light, as the dark theme looks amazing, but the light theme pops out in all the wrong places. Comments pop out to much, and most of the other lines of code do not, such as:


type AudioSample = number

print(type(sample) == "number")

I don’t have any problems with the dark theme! Overall, this update is great! Thank you so much to the team who put together this update! :grinning:

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I don’t know where I saw this (if it was some other code editor I don’t remember) but it had its keywords italicized. For example: local -> local and function -> function. It could be a neat (optional) addition to the script editor.

I feel like this could’ve been a separate feature request


I really like this, though I’d probably change the colours to slightly less contrasting ones to suit my personal preference (in dark mode of course). There’s nothing I can complain about with this update, being given more ways to identify more categories is much appreciated - and the ability to change them if we feel it causes too much clutter.

I also really like the emphasis on TODO and FIXME comments, a simple but neat QoL feature.

Edit: Maybe you mean so we can save and share it? Plugins exist for this already, but native support for it would be cool too.


That’s not really what I was hoping for, I was more or less looking for a system like VSCode, which has native themes, but also a marketplace where you can get different themes, or make your own with fully custom everything. Essentially, I would like to see a “Theme Marketplace”, kind of like the Plugin Marketplace.


This is much more colourful. I SUPPORT :+1:

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Or maybe a plug-in for developers to share themes :thinking:

I specifically recall having one in the good ol’ days that would automatically set the colors of the script editor, even before studio themes were a thing. If the API is still available, I could probably bring it back with preset themes.


Feels useless for me.
How can this improve me coding?

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Very good very good, I think you should push this update!

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Well, time to say goodbye to the old script editor…

I guess I’ll get used to it but it seems really weird to me. I love how functions/events are now highlighted, should make it better to find stuff.


I love this idea! I think it will not only help me but other developers. And plus these new colors look sick!

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This is so cool. I’ve been looking for more script editor color theme customization on roblox for a while now and have been contemplating switching to VSC and rojo for just this. However, I think now I’ll wait for this to come out.

Also, I think there should be a couple more default color themes as well.
For example this high contrast one from VSC:

Maybe more customization for current line highlighting too? Like the box outline.

I like the idea of this kind of update. You’ve got my support.

Keep up the great work. :+1:


@darkmodeonn Atom one dark as a pre-set theme would be lovely!

Not lua

Do you think this will be a great addition?

  • Yes!
  • No…

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Scripting always gives me an eyesore since most syntax had the same color and it’s often hard for me to read code. I’m a tad happy they’re making syntax different colors and it’ll improve my eyesore.

I’m happy for this update especially the special comments that are going to be implemented soon


The new highlighting looks outstanding!


I am really excited about this and can’t wait to try it out.

I also have some other ideas for the script editor

  • A minimap (like Visual Studio and Xcode have)
  • Highlighting the entire phrase that has in error instead of underlining it.
  • Making ctrl + tab / ctrl + shift + tab cycle between open scripts

Great feature! Really looking forward to its release. I’d really like to see custom regex highlighting for custom themes, if possible.


I personally think that variables should have the same color as the paths:

I just don’t see the need to have a separate color, same goes for tables:
Not trying to be nit-picky, but bools should be a different color than ints:
Just my opinion on things… I don’t prefer all the colors and such, but you all are making great efforts to improve our scripting experience, thanks. :slight_smile:

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I would prefer it if operator keywords (and, or, and not) were differently colored than the rest of the keywords. It feels important to be able to identify them in a statement easily.

In that vein, I think in general we could do with having special highlighting for operators. At the moment it looks like they’re not highlighted at all, which isn’t great. All operators (including keywords, prefix, and compound) should be highlighted the same color, unless other people feel strongly about it.

It also looks like the word “type” in export type Name isn’t highlighted in the dark theme. I assume that’s a bug, but I’ll bring it up regardless.

Include a high contrast theme though, please!

The colors you’ve chosen are okay in normal circumstances, but in cases where someone is color blind or has a similiar condition, things quit being okay – as an example, here’s the light theme with it ran through a filter to simulate deuteranomaly.

Several of the colors blend in with the background and the string/type colors look very similiar. It would be frustrating for me to use a theme that looked like this.

A simple solution to this is to include a high contrast theme by default – VSCode has one built-in if you need inspiration.

Overall, very happy with how this is going though!


This is a great update to the script editor, and I am glad this is coming. Very useful. :slightly_smiling_face:


It’s a great update that we have better colors and understanding of syntax’ed variables to scripts, hope it comes out anytime soon as this will be useful for me and other developers out there.

Light Theme Opinions:

Light theme is something that just attacks my face with its brightness and can do some serious affects, when I look at the image below the syntax colors are just too bright to see since you got a blast of white from surrounding tabs and the script editor itself.


^ A bit more darker or better sequence for the colored variables would be kind of nice, dark themed user myself but the sake of developers eyes.

Dark Theme Opinions:

Might be a bit biased since I’m a dark theme user myself, but all the syntax highlighting for each variable such as :Destroy() and :GetPlayersFromCharacter() look very nice!


Overall, it’s a nice update and would find this useful. :cool:

I think CloneTrooper1019 is behind all of these syntax things, those syntax Release Notes really did something to these scripts.

Quick Question: After all of the feedback and changes to the syntax highlighting for certain variables/functions, when do you expect a release into these changes for the scripts? Like in a couple of months or somewhere in the roadmap next year?

Another Question: We will still have permission/setting options to change these variables, correct? I remember in settings that you can change variable colors and other things which is a pain to change.

Question Again: Would it be feasible and possible for functions/variables to have gradients onto them somehow? I would find that a bit nice only if it can be flexible to the eyes and script editor.