[Looking for Feedback] Granular Syntax Highlighting


Can we have a share code instead, sharing screenshots is out of fashion.

Please make sure to allow full customization like other Script Editors.

I like the idea of self having it’s own color so it’s more distinct but some don’t we need an option to turn that off


Personally I consider self to be Lua’s this – Other languages use the same color coding for the this keyword, so I think it feels more natural that self follows this trend as well.

I’ve always been a hardcore C# developer so I’m used to the stock theme for Visual Studio, but iirc many other IDEs use this coloring scheme as well.

Now off of the topic of my response, and onto the topic of the thread: Does this system offer the ability to selectively choose what words get what color? For instance, if I want to make it so that “asdfg” highlights in bright red, is this possible?


self isn’t a keyword, so I think it should be highlighted as a local variable name. I would think it would be fine for self to be highlighted differently, at least when defined.


I would 100% say if highlighting and themes are going to be revamped we should definitely get a feature that would import and export themes in a JSON format.


This is a welcome change. Since I give my variables descriptive names, my code can get a bit cluttery / wall-of-texty .

Personally, I’ll probably give them my own colors: I use desaturated lavender for comments (“just right” for me) but i’ll probably use bright hot yellow/red for TODO and FIXME (so it’s more noticeable).

Everything else looks okay, i’ll have to give self a different color (though honestly, i’ve never used it).

I’m not sure what “type” and “export” do; i’m guessing they are related to the upcoming strict typing features?

Exciting patch (both the highlights and the types), can’t wait to have this feature.


Can you keep the Roblox default theme colors more classic? I’m not sure of the correct terminology but the current colors (esp. for the light theme) feel very nostalgic and have a special place in my :heart:

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This seems useful and the colours seem surprising appropriate and similar to what we have now, well done.

What I am concerned about is, is the lack of slightly bold formatting on certain key words.


The boldness is just as important as the colour highlighting in making the words stand out to show the clear flow of the code. I feel this most strongly applies to do with the keywords associated with branching. Please can we not loose this current feature.

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Very very colorful! Looks pretty good and could improve your readability with the custom themes as well.

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This is a really great update to the editor, and a step toward becoming a robust IDE. As @lucided mentioned, it would be awesome to be able to bold or italicize certain tokens. I think it would be cool to have optional strikethroughs for deprecated classes/functions, for example:

bar = Instance.new(“DeprecatedClass”)

It seems Roblox doesn’t currently have an in-editor warning for deprecation; I’m just using it as a use case for strikethoughs

It would also be nice to be able to independently control the highlighting of function declarations vs. function calls. I know some editors also allow for independently changing the highlighting of variable declarations vs. variable usages, though I’m not sure how widely used this is.


OH MY GOODNESS. I thought I was at an art display just then.

I love all of this! It’ll make scripts have much more clarity and be a lot easier to read!


That is horrible for people who have color blind lel, anyway I don’t like the new version of dark mode

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I don’t think you know how colour blindness works.

p.s. the colours will be adjustable for those with vision deficiencies.


Love the new highlightning, thank you for this update!


thats really good
it makes the code much more comfortable to read
i would love to work with this

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This is great guys, I for one would love to see custom color settings as I use a high contrast scheme on VS Code etc. When is this going to be pushed?


Please, for the love of god, push this update ASAP! we need this in our lives!

P.S when will we get rulers for each scope rather than just one ruler that you set the offset of, which is also dotted rather than a line?


the yellow colors aren’t my favorite(beside for the numbers) but overall its pretty nice.

Really look forward to this (though I’m not looking forward to redoing my editor themes I just finilized a few weeks ago for my theme manger plugin haha).

I’d like to second that it’d be nice to see operator words like and/or/not having their own color.

personally, i use “self” not nearly enough, so i don’t see a use in new colours for it

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I like it! that is if we can choose our own colors as well