Looking for feedback on Mobile GFX

Please supply me feedback

on GFX I made using some free renders I found, I need to find where I got the renders and I will edit in the credits to the renders upon finding it.
I made all of these using ProCreate and Photoshop Express on my iPad though I normally create on the computer and you can find my computer work here. Enjoy!

New Mobile Renders


Checkered Shirt Girl
Happy Girl

Here are the credits to the renders!


Credits will be updated after I figure out where I found the renders.

All of them look nice! My most favorite has to be the first one, since it looks very detailed and the texture that it has is cool.

Nice job. :+1:

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These look great for being done on mobile, I can rarely find relatively good artists who find their editing to be good on mobile, nice job! I did go and check out your Computer Work as well, and I do fine that these were done better.

What I could recommend for you, is to improve your GFX work on PC, so that you can get your own renders and get better progress with it, since PC applications do provide more services then mobile. If I could ask, what do you use on your PC?

Other then that, solid work.

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I really do like the renders that you’ve done, and I’m honestly surprised by the level of detail you can get on mobile. The first one looks nearly perfect in my opinion, and the others still look great despite being a mobile render.

Tl;dr, amazing work!

I did not make the renders. I found them on a discord server. But otherwise thanks.

Hey there! Thanks for the reply!

I use Blender, Photoshop, and Paint.Net on my computer.

Thank you! :heart: