[FEEDBACK PLEASE] Graphic Design by Me

Hi! I’m msami789,

I would love some feedback on my graphic design. It’s not great at all but its something. I will list my old work and my new work.

I would like to also say thanks to @coolkingll for being so supportive to me in my old post with this comment, even though his GFX is way better then mine!

If anyone has any suggestions on how I can make my GFX better, using certain software/programs etc then please do so! IF you think mine is bad, please say so. I want to hear what real people have to say.

New Work

New Work

Old Work


YouTube Art

image image

Group Logos

image image image

Other Work


I personally love these! The thing I think you should work on is the backround it is lacking a bit, that all I think you should work on.

Hey, thanks for the response!

The work on my “New Work” was mostly a given/requested background. The Old Work, was chosen by me. I have trouble finding good backgrounds, any ideas where to look or what to look for?

The graphics are pretty good but the 2D text on top doesn’t have much character to it. I think for that extra nice effect in graphic design you need to go ham on the fonts/text styling as well as the background.

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Aww! This is amazing! You’ve improved a lot since then.
Keep at it and thank you so much for that mention, it was really sweet! You’re awesome.

Great to hear you think i’ve improved! I’m happy to mention. :slight_smile:

Any Which image are you talking about for the text? I’m not super good at Photoshop, how do you make it 3D? Thanks. :grin:

Looks like awesome graphic designs! Great work! :+1:

I’m no graphic artist, but I can definitely see the major improvement you made from your previous work, good job! :+1:

I have to suggest is to make the guy in this picture look like he is actually in the picture.


Pretty much, just remove the drop shadow, and the outline and fit him into the shot with some shadows! Also, as you get better, I’ve seen other graphical artists render their whole scene, but not sure how to do that though, there is definitely a tutorial online.


This looks exactly like how I was wanting it above :heart:. Keep going for this kind of style, its looking great. I have to recommend is to make your tag signature thing more subtle, maybe just some handwriting font in white, and tone the transparency down a bit. Also when you render, you should bump up the samples a bit to remove that annoying grainy look around the character. This will make the render take a bit longer, but look so much better in the end! You should also remove the gradient from the version 2 tesxt, since its not as important in the logo as the title of the restaurant, and just use a font like Roberto

Keep on the grind, you made a significant increase :+1:

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Thanks so much! Happy to hear you like it. :heart:

Wow… thank you so much for the tips!
—I’m currently working on a scene render, I have to position all the characters in studio and then import it into blender to render it.
—How do you “bump the samples”. I just do the simple stuff on blender.
—Your amazing for writing all of that just for me. :heart:

In almost all of your Graphic Designs there is noise though, you should check out blender 2.8’s denoise feature, it could improve your graphic desgins alot! Other then that, your pretty good :grin: