Looking for feedback on my new game Ham's Difficulty Chart Obby!

Hello everyone!

You might remember me from this post a while ago:

Along with all the suggestions and feedbacks provided, I have decided to continue the project. I have just released the obby a few hours ago. The obby currently has 200/400 stages, perks for Premium users, awesome gears, donation and much much more. With that, here are some pictures of the game:

In case you want to give the game a try, here’s the link!

All feedbacks are greatly appreciated. Additionally, you can message me on Discord aidann#0001.
I would also like some tips on advertising the game if you are comfortable sharing with that. ^^

Thanks for reading!

Edit: Added Credits!

Wow I am amazed everything is really good thumbnail Is clear, structures and builds
have the same style/theme, The game is not confusing and is easy to understand. Another thing I really liked was how appealing the game was. It really caught the player’s eye!


I played it for like 20 minutes,seems really fun and well implemented!There are a few free models/textures but thats completely fine in my eyes.Really good UI,Tutorials and lighting.On my opinion an really nice obby wich makes the player want to keep playing,nice job mate!


Thank you so much for the feedback! Due to the low amount of funds, I was only able to commission someone to do about 140 stages and a logo. If the game ever makes profit I will be sure to hire someone to redo the lobby completely!

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The game looks fun and enticing; however, don’t forget to give @souppression his credit for the trees. :slight_smile:


On that note, I believe the rocks are @souppression as well? It fits the game really well, but please be sure to give credit where credit is due. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Oh yes it was from him. I planned to make a separate forum post dedicated to crediting where I got all the resources from. Thanks for reminding me!

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I played through a bit of the game, up to level 124. What I noticed is that the killbricks really frustrate me and make me almost want to quit, with an easy fix. Instead of a kill brick, couldn’t they teleport you back to your last checkpoint? It would reset you back to the same place faster and wouldn’t be too frustrating. Also, I dislike the fact that shiftlock is said to be needed. Most of the people in ROBLOX are from mobile, and they are unable to use shiftlock. You should say shiftlock OR first person.

Quick rant there, that’s all I’ve got except for a quick glitch list that I encountered and can remember:

Quick spinners are buggy, they can randomly stop at any time.
The killbricks sometimes let me through then kill me afterwards
The killbricks sometimes feel like kill me because the smallest hair touched it, probably a hitbox problem or it’s just me.

Edit: Also left behind a 25 :robux_gold: donation 'cause it’s a good game. :sunglasses: :+1:

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Looks good except that Effortless is spelled wrong. I also recommend adding a system that just respawns you rather than dying and waiting 5 seconds to respawn because you did something dumb.

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Hey there! Thank you for your feedback, I highly appreciate it. I would like to address some of the issues that you have experienced:

This is a wonderful idea. However, the core system (by Techy’s Obby System) and the obby parts (Mostly from JToH’s Obby kit) are seperated systems; as I have no idea how to link these system together this feature will most likely to stay in game for a while until I get enough funds to hire someone to script it.

This might be an issue on your side along with the quick spinners (I’m not sure which spinners are you referring to as there are 2 types in the game). Try lowering your graphics and connect to a sustainable wifi connection. If possible, please rejoin the game and let me know if the bug is still there!

We all hate kill bricks as a matter of fact. :weary:

did you just take over my 1st place Thank you for your donation! I highly appreciate it! ^^

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Hello! Thank you for the feedback. The spelling is definitely going to be fixed in the next updates. However, as mentioned in the earlier post, I would have to gather enough funds to hire a scripter to do so.

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Very good game. All stages I played are amazing! Also you don’t need a scripter to do this. Just watch this video: HOW TO MAKE A INSTANT RESPAWN || NO scripts!!! - YouTube

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Hey it’s me! First off, the games thumbnail is stunning, it’s really good gfx. Now second the game itself is stunning too, a good sized game, ton of stages…that’s good because gives them something to do when they’re bored and wanna just do an obby for hours-on-end. Also your the first large-ish developer that has ever used my models, and I’m reallly proud of myself for having one of my hard-worked-on models used in a really good game.

Just one more thing, if you could please remove auto-jumping on mobile. This would be great for a user.

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I would say I’m more of a smol-ish developer lol. This is my first ever game on Roblox.

I’ve just removed the feature from the game, thank you so much for the suggestions. Were there any stages that are too hard/impossible for mobiles?

I tested the game on my phone and yes there was REALLY hard spot, it’s number 70, I haven’t gotten further than that so I can’t say any other hard ones.

Hey! Sorry for the late response, I have just reviewed that stage and it seems like its not too challenging for some players. I may consider switching it with a different one if there are more complains regarding it!


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maybe Im just a noob, but I think that stage 156 is impossible

The game is pretty well made. I think it would be nice if the checkpoints have some sort of response when you touch them, like turning green and making a “ding” sound or something, because they seem pretty unresponsive.

I dropped a 50 robux donation

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I had someone who completed all the stages and a friend of mine got to stage 148 on her tablet (without shiftlock). The difficulty also depends on your device however I may consider replacing it if there are more complains. Thanks for letting me know about it!

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