[OPEN] Ham's Difficulty Chart Obby is looking for some volunteer testers

About us

Hey there! I’m nvoax, I have just released my difficulty chart obby and I’m looking for some testers to give the game’s feature and test and find some bugs.

:video_game: Here’s the link if you wish to give the gave a go!

About the Job

You do not need any experiences. Just be active and if possible, please invite your friends to test the game as well for the best results. We are looking for testers who are able to test a few of these features (you don’t have to be eligible for all of them!):

  • Premium Awards
  • Play the Obby on mobile/tablets.
  • Test the game elements for bugs (spinners, checkpoints, etc.)


As we are currently low on funds, we are only able to offer in-game perks and maybe Discord perks when our Community Server gets set-up.

We are only willing to award the Tester role if you are able to:

  • Provide constructive feedbacks.
  • Be helpful.
  • Find major bugs in-game.
  • Spent a good amount of time in-game.

We are considering to give these users VIP commands as a reward, please be noted that you may be able to receive more perks in the future. Along with that, we have the rights to revoke your privileges at all times without any notice.


You can submit your feedbacks and report bugs on this DevForum post:

or reach out to me on Discord @ aidann#0001.

Thank you for reading! ^^

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