Looking for feedback on outfits on my Clothing

Hello! I am KelvinBotham, a Clothing designer for a few years. Ive recently created these outfits for my new formal wear clothing group I am about to launch. I don’t have much experience with these genres/types of clothing so I would love to hear from fellow Clothing Designers and people of DevForum to see what I need to improve on and what my strong points are. Thank you! showcase below…

First outfit is for male and second is for female. I don’t have that much experience on women’s formal but I would like to hear from you guys what you think about it. please give constructive criticism only, being toxic doen’t get us anywhere

Thank you so much for reading, if you have any questions reply down bellow.

I would really love your feed back :slight_smile: .

P.S.: Please inform me if I am in the wrong category, or if I am doing anything againts roblox TOS. Thank you.



Your shading appears to be from a shading template; I apologise if this isn’t the case. The shading looks the same on both outfits and on all outfits on your portfolio. I advise that you do your own shading that varies from outfit to outfit so that each one is unique.

The outlining and details seem straightforward and in future you could add extra details later on.

For the male suit, the black lines do not go well with the base colour. It makes the outfit appear quite dull.

This leads me to the question: How long have you done clothing design in general with full commitment?


Hi! thank so much for your feedback, and yes I am using the same shading template for my outfits. The lines aren’t black they are some what a darker shade of the pin stripe color, but yeah I have noticed that too. I have been a clothing designer for 3 years but I wouldn’t say I actually committed to it because I usually only do clothing for other people and not actually for having fun. But I have decided to commit to it fully since I will be trying to have a clothing group where I can share my designs.


The first one looks well designed but the second one I feel you should add more details (3d).
Don’t let that stop you from creating clothes


To be honest with you I really do love the first outfit. It would be something I would buy and where casually. I know It’s a bit hard for me to say this but, it just looks to me that the second thing is something most people wouldn’t wear. It’s so simple and the pockets and button don’t look realistic. Maybe if you make the color a bit lighter and pockets and buttons more realty’s ic it would make the outfit a bit better. Keep up the good work though!


Hii! The feedback I could give is, for the first outfit, probably rather than shading with black, go for a darker yellow, it would suit the design a lot better along with highlights so it looks flowyer ( :

For added detail, you should add texture, such as adding noise on the pants, for a more realistic feel.
This just comes down to personal preference, but I’d color the collar white, and make it slightly larger.

On the second one, probably a have either a darker pink shading or lighter outline, so it looks more even all around, the shoes seem a bit pixelated, so I’d probably outline it with a different brush, but besides that I really like it. They’re really nice, great job on it!