Looking for low poly 3D modeller [Third Party e.g. Blender to Roblox]

You MUST BE 13+ to apply!

I am currently looking for a proficient 3D Modeller to join me part-time on my latest project. I will need a portfolio/examples posted below, or through DM!

You would need to be able to create assets in the same style as our current build!

Current syle:

We are looking for people to create mainly:

  • Small models (such as fish, food)
  • House furniture items and sets (such as living room items, kitchen items, decorations)

  • Strong English communication skills through Discord
  • A strong work ethic and to be self motivated!
  • Strong experience in 3D modelling in Blender or other modelling software
  • Care for the project and the players experience!
  • Work well with a team and not be afraid to raise questions with team members if you need help with any issue!


  • $600 USD (negotionable) via PayPal (+ bonus USD for additional tasks)
    (If you are under 18 you will need to give us the PayPal of someone who is over 18 on your behalf due to PayPal terms)

Payment Terms / Conditions

  • The payment is up for negotiation, it will be based on your experience and design!
  • I am happy to pay half upfront and half on completion, however I will NOT pay 100% upfront
  • Payment will be sent with buyer protection for my own protection/ease of mind
  • Bonuses will be given based on work completion time and quality!

Please DM me your portfolio’s on the devforums! I will also look through portfolio’s posted below.

You can also contact me via:

Twitter: https://twitter.com/rwonuf
Email: wonufbusiness@gmail.com


I’m very interested. Sent you a message in PMs.

I am interested. I do not provide a portfolio due to my stance in Development. You may add me on Discord to see some of my work.
I work very quickly, any quality you want, and have 8 years of building experience. 4 Years in Blender.
If you’re interested in my experiences, I have worked on fishing simulator, blade of honor, and worked with ColdDeveloper, Kensizo, TheLegendOfPyro, Alucidus, and more.

Reasoning for Interest: I want to make some side cash before I release 2 games in a week, this will help me keep on my feet until then.

I’m interested in this post, I’ve sent my portfolio to your DMs.

Here is my Portfolio:

If you can, contact me on the DevForum, or my discord: xUltimatex#1234

I’m interested in this job.I sent my portfolio via DM.

I need to make money to help my mom afford rent this month as times are getting really tuff on her not having a job during Coronavirus but hey im grateful we dont have the virus. I am a 3D Low Poly Modeler I know how to use Blender I just cannot make armor. You can reach me at mostfunds#4735. I just need a chance. Also I hopeeverybody who reads this wears a mask and stays safe.

Im interested, my Portfolio: https://www.behance.net/gallery/96454161/My-Portfolio-(Images-Only)

Hello! I’m RazorBladedino117, a scripter! Here is my portfolio: [Open] RazorBladedino117 - Scripter, Modeler, & Builder

Feel free to contact me here on the Dev Forum , or on Discord @RazorBladedino117#5440 !

Extremely interested. Below are just some of my builds I’ve managed to make with little effort.

If interested, feel free to contact me on Discord. IceyDevv#9036 - The DevForums works just as much as Discord does as well.

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