Looking for opinions on a project I just started to work on; a Public Cube Pet Kit!

So, I just started to work on a project I planned today and that is, to make a cube pet kit for people who really are in need of higher quality designs and lack funds to afford a designer!

Here are some of the designs so far:

And here are some higher reso images of a few:

What are your opinions? Do you think people will gladly welcome this project and use it for their own development purposes once it releases?.. What are your suggestions? What pets are you looking forward to seeing or expect to see?


As someone who struggles with anything natural when it comes to building…


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Me too I agree with you @Loggkat

Thank you very much!!!

this is a reallycool thing.

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Excellent, although, it is very soft?

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Thank you all so much for the positivity!
I am working on the kit as time goes on and you can probably expect it to be out somewhere before 2021? :thinking:
In the mean time: take a fox!

Small update to previous post, the library is slowly expanding.
Will probably publish if I get to at least desired approx. of 30 models. (??)

EDIT: Got a little bit caught up in stuff and didn’t manage to get it out… sorry!!

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This is great! A lot of developers will love to use these for their games! I just want to say, Thank You! :smiley:

Update on the situation about the kit after months…
I wasn’t exactly able to finish it up due to extreme business and such with school, but I will be returning to it this summer, hopefully to finish it off for good!

PS. Questions are welcome, more info on continuation of this later this month.