UI for a game titled "HatchVerse!"

So, as few of you reading might’ve already caught onto this, you’re probably like “So… you’re working on few things at the same time?” - The answer to that is yes, absolutely!

I made this post to get some feedback on the user interface I am currently making for my solo game project called HatchVerse!


  • The colors you see here, are just BASE, there WILL be a theme editor to change the four colors visible in the ui along with their combinations.
  • Some text might not change in the video as should, that’s because, it hasn’t been programmed in yet at that time.


There’s a lot left to work on, and this footage is around from a few weeks ago when I first started making it.

I hope everyone likes it! :smiley:


That looks super cool. I am not even joking, you did a great job!

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Thank you very much!!
I’ve been working on it for some time now, hardest part was planning the design.

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