Looking for (scripting) Dev Partner


My name is Kyle and I’ve been building on roblox since 2010. For the past couple years I’ve been making games but sadly all my programming partners were only available during the summer as they were in school. I’m currently earning a living from Roblox and moving out. I’m looking for a programmer who would be willing to do the following:

-Work consistently
-Become close friends
-Split 50/50 (I would build everything and make all the sounds/music)

I’ve interned for Roblox in 2016 and learned what’s popular on the platform. Majority of my income on here is from my FNAF fan games which I want to stray away from to work on an original game. If you share the same dream as I do and want to make it a reality, I’d love to work with you. Here is some of my work:

I hope this interests someone! Let’s make something awesome!




Hey, do you like racing games? Maybe we could partner up.

Twitter: @David_WingItMan

Ah not really. I’m mostly looking for something that would primarily interest the majority group on roblox that is town and city.

Cool work, I’m a fairly casual programmer on here, I will work on programming during uni because I like it a lot as a hobby. I’m a pretty determined scripter, and I wouldn’t mind having a go working on a project. Let me know if you’re still looking.

Hey, I’m actually working on a project right now. I’m going to knock this out before I start an original game.

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