Looking Forward in 2020: This Year's Developer Roadmap

I like the majority of this but…

facial animations?

I shudder at the thought…


Mind elaborating on the terrain LoD changes? will we finally be able to control the LoD? It’s a quite common complaint that the lod distance is way too low and distant mountains, or complex features cannot be rendered properly.


I personally think this is amazing, what’s wrong with it?


Well I think it’s just creepy. But, It’ll most likely get used to pretty quickly. I imagine it’ll have the same reaction we did with Rthro. People hated Rthro and now we’ve settled in and made use of it. I imagine that this will do the same.

I mean, I hate it right now but I don’t know in the future.

(may be good for trolling)


I know right. They are so slow at releasing updates, my god did they even release anything in April? I don’t even know.


There’s a summary of what was released here


I hope it’s all because of the virus as in this situation it’s pretty understandable, however I hope that once it gets better updates keep getting released faster.

But we want actual platform changes like (New features and stuff for studio/client) not the website, we want to see more new stuff in the engine itself (Don’t know if that makes any sense or not) But stuff like DOF, Procedural skies (When that comes out) not like new remade website pages yes a lot of people want to see that too, but the client is what your on most the time.


Wow, as always amazing things coming to developers on Roblox. I hope facial animations aren’t forced on devs.

oops - looks like i replied to the wrong person

Exactly!!! Finally someone said something about this nonsense, the company needs new leadership.

Roblox has multiple teams consisting of different people who work on their team’s assigned features. An update to the website does not mean they weren’t working on other features. They have a dedicated team that specializes in web design. They also have a separate dedicated team that focuses on studio features. Yet another dedicated team focuses on engine features. The list goes on.


They have different teams for different parts of the platform, but I also disagree with your comment on the website. Lately adopt me has shown some glaring performance flaws in the platform’s web service. If anything I feel like the web team should work on being able to better scale services to prevent downtime.


Okay, okay I understand that but I am saying new engine features is a more of a high priority thing in terms of what the platforms players are looking for (Especially developers ), not just for new and improved website features ETC smaller things (that for some reason still take forever), you are spending more time in the game than you are the site and other small places, the site isn’t that important to most people, what I’d like to see them push more people to the actual Engine Development team and Studio Team, because again that’s what most of us is wanting to see new features, and considering the size of ROBLOX it still shouldn’t take so long to release updates.

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The perfect thing we need right now is some more technical changes, such as what you just said. Atmospherics, DOF, Procedural skies. Allowing us to have more options to create games.

I’m seriously stoked for the new updates planned.


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Yes exactly, my problem is, is that they need to increase the engine development team from the Web as again what I said in my previous messages then that would increase the speed there updates can come out, it takes age’s to release and when they do it’s an update that most players don’t really appreciate as too something bigger such as Procedural skies and maybe even motion blur. And even with there current size it still shouldn’t even take this long they only released a single update in April or I think 2 but those were very minor things, nothing major like they said they would, it really make’s me mad and ROBLOX is as usual very good at making Platform Developers very very disappointed.


I wholeheartedly agree, we’re in the middle of the second quarter and they only released one single update from the roadmap. They’ll either have to defer some updates or release multiple features per week, it’s nonetheless disappointing.

I am just speculating here but this may be because of the current situation is making development take longer.

This is true, but they probably knew that the situation would still be bad in may. They shouldn’t have promised so many updates for this quarter.

They released “depth of field” and atmosphere yesterday :+1:EXydMU1UEAI324Z