Looking to hire an artist to design a game icon, an ad, and a thumbnail

Hello! So for my new upcoming game, I’m in need of a single game icon, thumbnail, and a skyscraper ad.


I would pay for this in Robux. Totally negotiable based on how much you would want. I’m also not looking for renders or ultra-realistic work, just something that’s cartoony and catches the user’s attention, maybe with some 2D icons or something.


I would be some-what in a rush for these assets, as the game I’m working on is very small and will be released soon. I’m willing to work with you, but preferably if you could get these done tonight or in a day or two, that’d be great.


If interested, please hit me up on Discord. My tag is Simply_Dev#9178

Thanks so much!


Hello, I’m a GFX artist that’s interested if you are accepting 3D art.
Discord: karol#5516

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I’m very interested!
Portfolio : Zaq's portfolio

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I can make a logo for your game StudTemplate (Logo Designer For Hire)

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i sent you friend request here my portfolio : [RE OPEN] Graphic Designer | CLIPON

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Hello! I’m interested in making graphical content for your project.
I have sent a friend request on discord.

My discord: zander;;#2567

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I’ve sent you a request on discord! Orginatix#3082

I’m interested.

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