LoopRegion / PlaybackRegion not working

Reproduction Steps

I need to loop within a specific seconds range of a sound.
Example: an original sound is 10 seconds long, but I want to loop only from second 1 to second 2.

I have inserted this sound into a part:

I want it to loop only a portion of the sound, for example, from second 1 to second 2.
I wrote this code:

local s = workspace.SpawnLocation:WaitForChild("Conveyor Belt 1 (SFX)")
s.Looped = true
s.PlaybackRegionsEnabled = true
s.PlaybackRegion = NumberRange.new(1, 2)
s.LoopRegion= NumberRange.new(1, 2)

What’s wrong?

Here is the current project if anyone can test:
Baseplate.rbxl (35.6 KB)

Expected Behavior

LoopRegion should work:
Sound | Roblox Creator Documentation

Actual Behavior

It’s playing the full sound (0 to 10 seconds), and not the region (from second 1 to second 2 only).

Issue Area: Engine
Issue Type: Other
Impact: High
Frequency: Constantly


Have you even first confirmed that this feature is enabled before filing a bug report? Think you need to do at least that much so you aren’t sending in bugs for things that you aren’t supposed to even be using right now. API members existing in documentation doesn’t necessarily correlate to enabled.

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Good afternoon! Glad to see you found use-cases for LoopRegion.

Those Loop & Playback Region properties are brand new – we added documentation in-advance, but we’re still making sure they work as-intended before enabling


How could I know this feature wasn’t enabled yet?

No offence, but generally you should be doing your own reasearch to determine whether the feature is enabled especially when the bug entirely ‘breaks’ a feature. A simple search online to find someone else successfully using the function or a dig through the currently disabled FFlags should suffice. I would argue that in this case, a warning should have been implemented by Roblox to tell you that the feature was not yet enabled since that’s what occurs for basically any other update.

To be clear, since my original reply was incredibly vague on this. Your case seems to be incredibly different to the general ‘this feature is unreleased’ and as a result, it would have been very hard for someone to figure out that this feature was unreleased


Roblox generally announces when a feature is live.

If that isn’t enough, the FFlag list is a great way of seeing if a feature is enabled

Give DFFlagSoundLoopPointApi a test using settings():GetFFlag() in the command bar.

It’s going to be false (you may need to remove the DFFlag bit)

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Because you cant see those properties in the properties window.

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Okay, don’t you think you’re overreacting a bit here?
I just pointed out a bug based on the documentation that is currently public, which has no information saying that this feature is not implemented yet, so it’s not my fault.
The only one who responded kindly was @ReallyLongArms, which is the most important part of responding.
I’ve already opened HUNDREDS of other open bug reports (some even wrong on my part) and no one wanted to lynch me for it.
Please leave this in the hands of the Roblox team, ok?


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