Lost Caves {Showcase}

About Me
Hi everyone! My name is Phexonia. :wave:
I’m your helpful builder and I plan for future games + other games like showcasing games. I also do other things like terrains!

About Lost Caves
Here, I wanted to show everyone my own showcase I have created back in November 2019. After the continuation of the showcase, I finally finished it today and I’m sure it’ll be exciting to share with everyone with my own showcase and creativity here. I call the title: Lost Caves. :happy3:


Game Link

Let me know what you think of Lost Caves! Feedback is appreciated. :+1:


It would be nice if the lighting was made a bit brighter, currently it just looks like fires that are randomly floating throughout (it overall looks neato, tho)


Looks Crazy Good… Even if your not for hire how much do you think you would charge to build something like that for someone…?

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Sure thing! I’ll make the lighting bit brighter.
Thank you for your suggestion! :+1:

This cave looks relaxing to me. It does have a tint of an adventurous feel to it, but it mostly feels like a nice place to just feel comfortable at. I have a suggestion, I think that you should add some more variety of plants like some mushroom and fungi all around. Since this cave is infested by plants because its “lost” which I’m assuming is abandoned, there should be some more different types of plants scattered all over the cave.

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Thank you for your supportive feedback! It means a lot to my showcasing game. :happy3:

Adding mushrooms, fungi and the variety of plant sounds like a fantastic idea, it would be very amazing with plants to see what would a view looks like in the area.

Thank you for your suggestion and again, for your feedback! I will be adding them. :+1:

My eyes quickly caught up the fact that the arrangements of crystals are always the same copy of the crystal circlet catalog accessory. Feels a bit unnatural to my taste, I’d prefer it if they were more varying.
Other than that I absolutely love it!

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What song did you use for this?

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Thank you for your supportive feedback! I’ll try to change the crystals. :+1:

The audio I used for Lost Caves is called Quiet Forest. :musical_note:

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It’s cool, I think a bit lighter would make it perfect.:slight_smile:

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Thanks for your feedback! I’ll be making it a bit lighter for a view. :+1:

It looks amazing, maybe try increasing the ExposureComposition in Lighting. I think this may enhance the light produced from the torches on the walls and increase the overall brightness by a bit.

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That’s a great idea! Thank you for your suggestion, I’ll be doing it right away. :happy1:

I agree with @minkmink, but I think it looks really nice, keep up the work buddy!

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So so cool, this is truly amazing.

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Thank you! It really means a lot for your support. :hugs:

This… Is Beautifuly Crazy. Damn I Could Not Do Something Like That.

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Thank you for your supportive feedback! I appreciate it. :happy3:

It’s very beautiful! Although It would look better if the torches were slightly a bit brighter.

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