Lovely Rain Effect

I spent a few hours today crafting a rain effect. I think it came out very nice and wanted to share



EDIT Assets moderated, whoops.

EDIT Is now uncopylocked! The code is commented so it should be understandable and modifiable.


Mind sharing the source code? I feel this would make a great ambient effect for lots of places.

Neat stuff!

That was nice, especially the choice of music

Looks great! Good job :]

Looks great until you look at the ground. You can very clearly see two distinct layers.

What do you mean? I don’t see any problem myself

Really nice.

Rain never falls between those two points.

If that’s happening, that’s a bug. I don’t see that happening for me. I will scrutinize it more carefully.


Correct me if I am wrong (I could be) but the way you’re doing this is getting the Players torso, and creating the rain within x range of the torso (which would explain why you limited zooming)? Pretty cool affect by the way.

It’s actually based on the camera. You’re limited to zooming because the rain “lags” slightly behind (it needs to fall). If you can zoom all the way out, then you can move your camera very far very quickly, which will mean the camera briefly leaves the rain. That is probably something that could be improved, but it’s easier to just limit the camera zoom.

Someone tell John about this and have him dump it into SFOTHIV.

Also someone needs to put this into LordBenedictDagon’s Wit’s End.

This looks great. I love the whole effect. Just looking at it makes me feel a bit more subdued and almost… chilly. Well done. :smiley:

This is really cool!

You should make puddles form on the ground in lower areas or have the rain go in different directions (like at a different angle).

That’s some really neat rain

Can’t wait until it’s uncopylocked. I love scouring the code of other Devs. I can learn so much :DDD

Is this not rendered locally?
My network receive was pretty bad in the place.

Really cool stuff, I have been waiting for a cool rain script for a long time. Personally, I love rain because it’s so beautiful.

This really is quite pretty. AntiBoomz0r’s can allow so much more (violent) rain, but it doesn’t have that fancy raindrop effect when it hits the ground. It also looks like it’d be easy to make a variety of different atmospheres just by changing the music; right now it’s sort of peaceful/sad mix, but I could see it being used during a boss fight or a mourning scene. Nice job, and thanks for releasing it ^^

For fun, I tried doing 4,000 parts with some edits. It was a bit laggy, but still ran pretty well.