Low-Poly Building Style Tips

I’ve read several articles in the DevForum, regarding tips on improving Low-Poly building style. I followed the advice, but I still am not quite satisfied with how I’m building.

I currently have no photos of my builds, but are there any tips on improving and achieving the aesthetic looks of low-poly builds?


That isn’t low poly, that’s just flat shading :slight_smile:
Check out my reply on this thread (How to create a low poly look/vibe using ROBLOX studio blocks? - #6 by Aotrou) for an accurate description, and follow the links in that reply for additional info.

To design for what I’m assuming you mean is a “textureless flat shading cartoon-y build,” vibrant colours and “fun” shapes:

Here you can see that I avoided just a boxy house by adding in a interesting angle to the siding. I also made sure to make colour transitions as smooth as possible.

When you get to a point where your sharing pictures, add onto this thread what you made and more of us can help you :smiley:


Thank you SO much! I look forward to putting your advice into my builds! :grin: