Low poly medium detail map builder $350 USD

About The Job

We are looking for a professional builder to join the team and work for commission. We’d have you create TWO maps, these are NOT HUGE maps. The two maps are First Person Shooter maps for Search & Destroy gamemode. See below for details.

Keep in mind these need two opposite sides of each map that come against each other.

Volton > Futuristic town/festival
Folkpoint > Futuristic City type map
(We can discuss exact details and designs once you’ve accepted the job)

The Team
@TheGalaxyRBLX - Lead Scripter
@Foridex - Modeler
Time - Animator
1PurpleBoy - Sound Designer
Ice - Artist



Examples of map design/detail

Contact Us

Thanks for reading! :slight_smile:


hey im a ui and builder dev add me on discord for more info about my work

i sent a request my mane is Inferno_Flame

hi i’d like to apply if this is still available, heres my portfolio



evrythin important is provided above

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Hello. I would like to suggest something for your post.

  • There is no details or description of work
  • Payment is not detailed too so we don’t know example: Payment method

But after these two points the topic is good!

Still looking for a builder to fulfill this role.

I have more example if you want, accept me in discord the slayer

Still looking for a developer to fulfill this role.

The title says 350 USD and the post says 275 USD. Which is it?

$350, forgot to edit the actual post.

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Still looking for a developer to fulfill this role.

Hi, Just shot you a request via HomieLuv#3004 , interested in working on the project, my portfolio can be found here Sasalec | Builder, Graphics, 3D, Textures , and I’m proficient at blender and managing device memory.

I’ll be at work at my job from 8am - 4pm just incase i don’t get to respond to any texts, but will be able to work a couple of hours daily on the maps.

I send u some of my work on discord but u did not answer

I am interested, I can take this job, I am 17 years old and I have almost 7 years of experience as a Programmer, Animator, 3D Modeler, Builder, User Interface designer,I have contacted you, I am Nv#2008. I hope to be talking with you soon!

New discord Oswald#5155 here it is!

New discord Oswald#5155 here it is!

(Other one is no longer in use, add this one if you are interested)

Still looking for a developer to fulfill this role.

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