Low-poly noob looking for some feedback

Hey so I literally download blender 2 days ago, I’ve been watching some tutorials while overcoming the intimidating blender UI, but here you go some of the environmental assets I’ve been pumping out!


Terrain + Basic Pine Tree

Rocks anyone can make + Variety of Mushrooms

Game link if anyone wants to look: LowpolyAssets - Roblox

I’ve watched tutorial on all of these assets besides the mushrooms, which I’m proud to say I made entirely myself! I plan on making a low-poly style environment for one of my next games

Constructive feedback + suggestions are more then welcome!


These look really good! I don’t use blender at all, so I don’t know what would be considered good low poly or bad low poly, but this looks like a good start to me! :+1:


This is great for your first time! I’m impressed! I challenge you to make bizarre tree shapes with branches, good job I am very surprised! :smiley:

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Funny enough, I’m challenging myself right now doing exactly that haha

Already have scrapped a few attempts but it seems like this is the best way to improve!


I was using Blender for some time and i can say thats awesome for your first time :slight_smile:

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Hello there!

I really like the assets you have made so far, they look pretty good if you ask me.

Try searching for tutorials for Blender 2.8+ on YouTube, I’m sure you can learn a lot more watching those!

You can also ask for help on the Dev Forums if you are wanting more specific information on a certain matter.

Good luck with what you’re doing, keep it up! :slight_smile:

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Took several attempts, but I finally made a oak tree I’m happy with :smiley:

The one on the right was nice and all but it was just too detailed for a generic tree I wanted to clone around the map

Probably will mess around a bit more resizing the leaves and trunk a bit


Those assets you made are fantastic, It will definitely look good if you make a map out of it.

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Thank you very much! I don’t like talking about projects early on in development, but sometimes it’s hard to keep my mouth shut haha

This is a “Scene” I slapped together in a couple of minutes with the assets I have so far. I’ll just say me and my partner are making a fantasy-roguelike-storylike game, can’t say anymore details but we are innovating on the genre

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I made this as well a week ago or so, its supposed to be a fantasy themed lobby

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