LowPoly Battle Scarred Great White Shark

Hey there!

I just made this new great white shark model

I am quite proud of it and am wanting to share it with you guys :wink:

The model sits around 7k tris

Lmk if you have any feedback

Shark ;))


Awesome! It looks very realistic!

I just realized the horrifying reality of rigging this guy

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dawg this is gonna be such a pain to rig.

good job tho

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I would say its good

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No not to hard i think if you can do it in blender.

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already rigged :wink: it wasnt too bad, main issue was the teeth, cheers!

have it rigged already :slight_smile: the only real painful part was the teeth but even then it wasn’t too bad, thanks!

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This is really good but I’m worried it might be flagged by ROBLOX for too much gore. 10/10 from me, I wish we had a really great marine life/exploration game on this platform.

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Currently got one in the works, I cant give too many details or show models bc its pretty secret :wink: