Lua Learning Official Website!

Wow, this is amazing. Will definitely be following this project!

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Hello, I’m very new to LUA and coding so this will be helpful for me to learn how to code on ROBLOX. Thank you!

This is great! Hope to be using this in the near future to develop my programming skills.

Nice website! Can you pls add a search bar so that we can easily search through all the articles?

There needs to be a beginner tutorial for scripting section a imdeate and advance section I know there’s a difficulty rating of each article but it will be a tutorial

Way better then Roblox developer site some things are out dated

Wow, thank you! This is the o ly easy way I have started learning to code. It is pretty well made. I have and will recommend to other prole learning scripting.

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Wow! I have been waiting so long for this.

Finally it is here.

I can’t wait to try out this!

Keep up the awesome work!

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The website does not work for me. It says problem on host side of the web page.

This topic was 5 months ago so the service may have ended

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Oh ok I understand, im dumb haha.

Although it’s unfortunate that his website is down, he is beginning a youtube series for lualearning, alongside that, you can still have the opportunity to use his roblox game about lua learning!

Hi, currently the website sever is down. So you may need to fix it!!!

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@killerdolophin2000 @SAN_Z3LL
Thank you for reporting the outage. I’ve passed it on to @SteadyOn, since he is the one who runs the site.


I got an error


Why is the web server down? (Is this abandoned?

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Yes I’m aware of Lua Learning game made by @boatbomber , I even donated to him because it is so useful to me.

The website is down right now :cry:

Its been a few hours and the servers are still down, any chance this will be fixed any time soon. I am very excited to learn lua!

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It still isn’t fixed yet, guess they have a big issue? Hope they fix it soon though!