Lua Learning Official Website!

Lua Learning Website

What is Lua Learning?

Lua Learning is a community-driven platform (in a Roblox game) created and designed to interactively teach users how to program in Lua, all for free! It is front page Top Rated as well as featured on the new Learn & Explore sort!

It features an interactive lessons system similar to that of Codecademy, nearly 200 user created and reviewed tutorials, and more. Users can share and learn together, all without ever leaving Roblox.

However, we thought it best to add even more to the slew of free resources offered! By creating our own site we gain more freedom and control over what we provide our users.

What is the site?

Right now, we’re opening up a public alpha test stage. The site exhibits the community created tutorials found in Lua Learning. Feel free to DM me with any bugs you find! I will continue to grow and improve the site with more and more features as time goes on. For now, enjoy reading the tutorials our users have created!

What does this mean for the game?

Updates on the Roblox game have not been halted, delayed, or affected in any way. I plan to continue both of them, with focus remaining on the Roblox game.


I’ll be answering the major questions here in order to keep things organized and prevent repetitive questioning.

  • How do we search the tutorials?

Update: I have added a search bar with fuzzy matching to help you find what you’re looking for!

cc: @Stanlyhalo @PhoenixRessusection

  • How do I create a tutorial?

Again, this is currently an in-game only feature as I work to expand this early edition of the website. To create a post in game, head the the Tutorials section in the sidebar and the Create subsection in the resulting topbar. You can create and submit posts there, and they will be put into our moderation queue similar to the Post Approval method of this forum. Your posts are to be written in Markdown, and I’ve created a text editor in game full of helpful tools, along with live updating previews, to help you to format your tutorial.

cc: @PhoenixRessusection @Phexonia

Enjoying my work? I love to create and share with the community, for free.

I make loads of free and open source scripts and modules for you all to use in your projects!
You can find a lot of them listed for you in my portfolio. Enjoy!

If you’d like to help fund my work, check out my Patreon or PayPal!


Wow, the game & site look amazing, although I’m already really experienced with Lua, I will share this with new people.


YES! I have been waiting for something like this in a long time. Thanks a lot :smiley:


This is amazing and I am sure that everyone will find both the game and site to be very helpful!


This will be such a valuable resource for new learners! Thanks for sharing your knowledge for free, massive props :+1:t2:


Really is a great website thanks for sharing!


I haven’t actually played Lua Learning before and I’ve just been passively hanging around in its Discord, but I see that it’s become a pretty popular resource for learning how to program on Roblox. I visited once the other day and I’m pretty impressed at the work that’s been done there.

My initial turnoff was probably from seeing all those “learn to code” games before that didn’t do a good job at explaining things and were absurdly requiring payment to play. This though is an absolutely free resource and users can even share tutorials with the Lua Learning community.

I might hanker down to LL every now and again to leave some reviews or potentially write tutorials. My home is still the DevForum, but I don’t mind expanding where I look. There may even be tutorials there that aren’t present on or sufficiently explained here on the DevForum.



Also, even though I already know Lua, I will be showing this to beginners, I would suggest though to add a search bar for tags.


This is awesome! Never though this project would have its own website! Great achievement.

Here’s my suggestions:

  1. Be able to search through tutorials / topics
  2. A tutorial on how to make a tutorial
  3. An About section for the website (including credits, purpose of the site)

Thanks for this.


It is such a wonderful idea to use the Official Website by learning things on Lua Learning, and it can be useful for new players and beginners to learn what it’s all about with their tutorials! I can’t wait to check it out on today.

The question is; Is there a way to create our tutorials on the official website that users can create to learn? If so, their tutorials can be added in, right? It would be a pleasure for your response!

Overall, it is amazing to check out the official website! I’m hoping to see it right away. Thank you for making and sharing the official website! :+1:


I am really so happy! Hope this project will be get a greater project (it‘s already a great project, but with this extension, it simply was so GGGOOODD!!!). Want to try it

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I don’t know if anyone remembers lualearners but this seems pretty similar. Excited :slight_smile:

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I only discovered them a few days ago. Sadly, they were around before I got into the development scene and I missed out on that.

Definitely hoping to fill the hole they left behind!


you’re empowering the next generation of lua programmers one tutorial at a time, nice job. always have been a fan of your work and what you do to help this community.


Absolutely. We have lots of things planned. Thank you for your feedback!

Also, it’s SteadyOn, not ScriptOn. Easy mistake to make!


The website looks really good! Lua Learning was one of the reasons why I got into scripting awhile back and even though there was not a ton content it still motivated me to learn more and now I’ve gone so far. This will surely inspire and motivate many new programmers to learn. Good job and keep up the good work!

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@boatbomber, how do you have created this website? And what domain do you use? I just am looking for a possible way to make my own Website. I tried using Github and it work, but the style is really limited. So i ask, just for curiousity. But i repeat this: Nice work. Lua Learning really will help others peoples to learn Roblox programming, i am sure. Then how do you have sync the website with Roblox? THis is the only thing that i still not understand…

ok, this is cool, but what happened to the tutorial on how to do a cartwheel? i still don’t know how man…

This is a great resource to share for someone who isn’t able to join Roblox at the moment. Great work to both you and SteadyOn.


I truly appreciate your effort in educating Roblox players about Lua, what drives their experiences! The site looks awesome and works really well.

The only thing I need to point out are the images. Here’s an example from Teleportation Pad:


And here’s another from Make a notification!:


I don’t know if this is sitewide or just these two articles, but regardless, thank you very much for this resource. This is like the DevHub 2.0!


Wow this is amazing, I already had a lot of respect for you when I saw your free educational game, but this doubled my respect. I will make sure to donate.

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