Lua String Color Not Working


I’ve decided to create this topic after being unable to fix the issue myself.

I wanted to see if anyone else has this issue as well. It’s very small and doesn’t seem to affect anything, but visually it makes code a bit more difficult to read.

For some reason, all of my strings in my code are not the color they are supposed to be, rather they are the default text color.


Yet, my string color is set to this: image

I’ve noticed that if the string is incomplete, it does turn to the appropriate color: image

But once it’s complete, it changes back to default text

I have tried the following:

-Closing and resetting studio
-Uninstalling and reinstalling ROBLOX
-Disabled all plugins

I haven’t seen this posted yet here, so I figured I’d post it and see if anyone else has this same issue.


EDIT: Fixed, stated by staff here.

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