LuaBox PRO Version (Make code with blocks eazy! [PLUGIN])

only free resources are moved to that category that is paid so it does belong here in #help-and-feedback:creations-feedback

please fix the ui because it can make the sales go 0. Also the ui makes me vomit.

what bug does the wait exactly fix?
and how does naming player as “pilr” make it easier?
how would someone using this blocks know that you renamed player to “pilr” which makes no sense at all

literally everything m8 literally every single thing

people can see the video

A bit late on scratch but in roblox

No, that is only for free resources, this is paid.

This date does not exist as there are only 12 months in a year. Unless you meant 1/16/23?

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I know this is weird but most people dont use your weird way of dates (Jokes aside) this is a DD/MM/YY date which is the most popular (to my knowledge) as it makes the most sense to most people.

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While that is one way you can do it, almost everyone uses MM/DD/YY (at least where I’m from), pay attention and you’ll start to notice it.

Out of everyone in the world only the US uses that format because they like to be different or somet idk

(Srry for Off Topic my actualy plugin review is below)

Very nice plugin however I suggest adding better UI and more blocks in order to compete with other such resources :smiley:

Man, the rest of the world is weird.

Anyways, this plugin is a very unique concept, not sure if I’ve ever seen anything like it!

This plugin shares some resemblance to the other plugin BlockLua, however there are multiple other variations of the plugin that use scratch-like blocks. If I’m being 100% honest, this plugin does what those free plugins do worse. While I wouldn’t suggest trying to compete with plugins that took possibly hundreds of hours to complete, I do have these suggestions for improvements

  • Watch UI tutorials to help improve from this bad UI
  • Use a translator to better translate from your language to English
  • Make the plugin free to attract users, and when you add more features & overall improvements, charge the minimum fee (R$100) so that it’s fairly priced
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Most installs come from the toolbox, they won’t see the video. Also read some UI/UX design tips online to make it not look this bad.

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I think you should improve the UI. The grey background and lack of gradients is what people are complaining about. Try this gradient on code blocks and buttons:
goodGradient.rbxm (620 Bytes)

are you sure about that?

Interface tools is 500 robux and it’s at #resources:community-resources

The community resources page allows you to create a post about your plugin regardless of the price. That being said, I’m not sure why this topic isn’t categorized as a community resource.

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Nope, once Roblox removed my post because I used #resources:community-resources for a paid plugin. So this is the right category, almost everyone uses it for paid plugins including myself.

(I must admit roblox should add a category where we can post paid resources without any problem)

Ah, they must’ve edited the rules recently. Last time I checked they allowed paid plugins. After checking the rules again it seems disallowed.

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