BlockLua | The blazingly fast visual scripting plugin for Roblox. Code with blocks, like in Scratch!


Welcome to BlockLua!

BlockLua is the next-generation visual scipting plugin for Roblox.
Compared to EventBlocks (the previous plugin), BlockLua is much faster and has a completely new engine and the UI is much more consistent.
Due to the completely revamped engine, it has WAY better performance and it’s able to handle large scripts with ease.

Keep in mind that BlockLua is slightly more complicated than EventBlocks. Also the plugin has less features at the moment.
Please share ideas and bug reports in the replies

The plugin costs 150 Robux, quite a low price tag! :slight_smile:

Absolute beginner tutorial

As a very simple introduction, we’re going to make a lava part.
(The UI may not look the same, but there shouldn’t be major changes!)

Just a note, if you’ve just installed the plugin, you need to enable every permission it asks for to work properly.

Ok, so if you have just installed the plugin and opened your place you should go to the ‘Plugins’ tab and find the BlockLua Toggle button.

Click the button so it looks like on the image above.

Now, you should see the plugin’s toolbar at the bottom-right corner of the viewport.
This shows that the plugin is running.

So, first of all I’ll let you design the lava part. I’ve made this:

(you can name it whatever you want)

Next up, select your part and add a Script to it.
(you can rename the script if you would like to)
After that, select the script and open the gui using the arrow in the toolbar.

Now, click the big ‘Convert to BlockLua script’ button. This will convert the script so the plugin interact with it.

And we can start scripting, yey!
Let’s use the searchbar and drop in a ‘touched by character’ block from the left.
Ok, you can see there’s an input that says ‘instance’. That means you need to specify what part you want to detect if it’s touched by a character.

For this script, we’re just going to use the ‘me’ block, that is simply the ‘parent of the script’, which is in this case, the lava part

This is how it looks if you have dropped the ‘me’ block into the ‘touched by character’ block.

And now, we need to tell it what to do when it touches a character. That is simple, let’s search for the ‘kill’ block and drop it inside the ‘touched by character’ block!

Oh look! It looks like you need to tell it which humanoid to kill. In this case we want to kill the humanoid of the character who touched the part.
First, let’s get the humanoid using this block:
Just drop in “var. _touched_character” into the “character model” input.
Now, let’s tell the kill block which humanoid to kill.
To do this, you can drag the “var. _humanoid” block variable out of the ‘get hum. from model’ block and drop it into the kill block’s “humanoid” input.

Okay so, we check when the part is touched by a character, we get the humanoid of that character and kill it using the kill block. Fantastic!

Let’s try it out and see the magic happen!

If you have any questions or ideas please tell it in the form of a reply :slight_smile:

Have a great day!



Wow! I genuinly think that this is going to bring along a new set of creators - and may convince people like scratch programmers to make the leap to 3d.
Neat plugin dude


Thank you! I’ve been working on it for a long time now. With the experience gained from my previous plugin I really believe this plugin will have a bigger impact on the roblox community!


Oh also, I’ll tag the ones who wished to get tagged when the plugin is released:
@TomskiKiller @EliottENAnnoucement


You should use my icon :trollface

(for those unaware, we were talking about these in the Discord server and he does already have all the asset files)

really cool plugin though, seems like a great improvement over EB :slight_smile:


I know I know. Thanks for reminding me! I’ll change it later.


It looks so good!! And will help people who use scratch or other block coding programs to code in roblox! It also feels like minecraft education edition coding lol

I haven’t used it yet but I will for sure enjoy this one, you can tell that a lot of care was put into it


Bug fix update

I’ve fixed the bug that caused errors if you typed ‘%’ in a text input. Now it shouldn’t cause any problems. Make sure to update!


How to update BlockLua? I don’t know how it works.

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You just update it like any other plugin :slight_smile:


Yeah, but I don’t know how to do for any other plugin :sweat_smile:


Click the Manage Plugins button in the Plugins tab to open the Plugins Management window. Find the plugin you want to update, click the update button.


If there’s one thing Devin really likes it’s his icons (lmao)

But yeah I agree, the UI is extremely smooth, blocks modular, and altogether a great plugin. EB is a low bar to compare it to though (oh btw it’s SlushPuppy)


New blocks, Bug fixes, Even less lag!

Hi all!
I made an update, let’s get right into it.

1. New blocks
I added two new categories, the ‘player’ and the ‘clickdetector’ category.

Let’s see the new blocks:

(they didn’t fit in lol)

And also example codes:

(clickdetector only works for parts and models!)

2) Bug fixes
Previously if you duplicated blocks they wouldn’t work as expected. Sometimes you couldn’t drag them or anything. Now it’s fixed, duplicating is slower tho.

3) Less lag
So I pushed it to the limits by duplicating giant pieces of blocks and it went down from 60 to 25-30 FPS when I was dragging blocks. With some thinking I managed to make it faster and now it only drops to about 55 FPS (again, it was a LOT of blocks).

That’s all for today! The plugin may come out of Alpha very soon because there aren’t as many bugs as I expected.

Have a great day!


Hi everyone!

I released a small update with some bug fixes.
What I did:

  • fixed the “break” block
  • fixed some typos
  • fixed the “find child” block

Make sure to update :slight_smile:


Wow, this is so cool!
I’ll finally convince my friend to try ROBLOX programming instead of making scratch games!


Just a question, when will it be out of Alpha?


We’re out of alpha!

I’m glad to announce that BlockLua is out of alpha!
It got a bit of a UI redesign (not a big deal) and I’ve added a few blocks.

I’ve decided to end the alpha stage because well, the plugin is far more stable than I excepted!

So yeah, it now costs 120 robux.
Don’t forget, more features are on the way so you can make your own dream game!

Planned features:

  • A lua block (if you want to insert lua code into your script)
  • Marketplace blocks (sell gamepasses, items, etc.)
  • Pathfinding blocks (pathfinding for humanoids)
  • Tweening (smoothly interpolate any property of an instance)
  • Probably more that I couldn’t think about…

Oh, also there will be a way to share your custom blocks and install other custom blocks made by the users of BlockLua! But that’s probably far far away from now. I have been working on the website tho.

Thanks for everyone who installed and who is planning to get the plugin! Your replies and feedback mean a lot to me :slight_smile:

Have a great day!


great plugin! glad i got it before it went out of alpha


Yay! I’m waiting on using it. When it gets in a way way better state I want to make a backrooms game with stylized art and a story.