Luau typechecking: Throw out array sibling compatibility when a type is defined

If you have a structure where the value of a map is an array, the array value types are checked against each other rather than whatever type you declare.

type value = {
		x: boolean?,
		y: boolean?
local things: {[string]: value} = {
	key = {
		{ x = true },
		{ y = true }

{ y = true }Table type '{ y: boolean }' not compatible with type '{ x: boolean }' because the former is missing field 'x'

These sibling types should be tested against the type declared within the value type, rather than being checked against each other.


Thank you for the suggestion.
Making this work seems possible, we are considering it.

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Fix for this has been implemented, it should arrive in an update next week.

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