M1STERR's Portfolio

Hi! I started learning to code a few years ago, and I have been good at it since 2 years ago.

Contact Information

  • Devforum - @M1STERR
  • Roblox - @M1STERR, follow me to message me!
  • Discord - Invariant#5104


I’m a self-motivated scripter with 2+ years of experience including from commissioned works and my own game, Faction and Order looking to get myself more well-known in the Roblox developer’s circle.


  • Achieved 15.6k visits from a game I developed fully on my own, with a small community managed by lovely peoples:

Faction and Order

  • Released a plugin for public use to help developers working with pathfinding, Pathfinding Widget

A Pathfinding Widget to visualize path waypoints! - Resources / Community Resources - DevForum | Roblox

  • I’ve also done a couple of small projects, including:

Hunter’s Life

Defend The Cake

Potion Factory


  • Specializes in scripting physics movers, interactable objects, and pathfinding.
  • General scripting
  • General UI designing
  • General building
  • General modelling

*Making sandwiches