A Pathfinding Widget to visualize path waypoints!

Pathfinding Widget


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How the idea came to life

It began when I was experimenting with Roblox’s pathfinding, and I find it quite unpredictable and hard to debug to get a specific behavior.

So I thought, “Wouldn’t it save so much time to be able to preview the path without having to run the game each time?”


not necessary to read

At first, I wanted to keep the plugin for myself, but with selling plugin now an option, I decided to make it public to earn a little side income.

Later I learned that selling plugins are only available to select accounts and its permission given by Roblox, so I decided to make this plugin free to gain their trust.

That’s all, thanks for reading and/or using my plugin!


Deserves more attention. I am going to be using pathfinding soon in my game, and this 100% just saved me loads of work.


Haha, thanks! I’m glad you found a good use for this. :wink:


Mine, bit cleaner UI and has waypoint support and a navigation mesh toggle as well which comes in handy

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I really like the scrolling interface for the numerical values.

In fact, I’ve also seen the Model Brush plugin have a similar interface. I have a question, how did you make that style of interface? (The tick box, text box, and scrolling)


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