MacroX - Edit, save and run scripts fast anytime, anywhere!

MacroX - The ultimate macro manager


Hello developers!
Let me introduce you MacroX, a macro manager plugin for everyone, for free

There aren’t any screenshots yet. (I don’t really have time to do it at the moment.)

What is a “macro”?

Macros are usually a small piece of code that you can run to do things. Example: A welding script, an anchor script, etc.

Why to use a macro?

You have a welder script that welds every part to the primary part of a model, instead of having to run the script at the start of the game you could run it in edit mode once.

What this plugin does?

With MacroX you can save a lot of macros(lua scripts) and use them across your games. You can create, edit and delete macros any time.

Why to use this over Command Bar?

You can name your macros.
Save and use your scripts anytime.
It is easier to write a Script and just save it as a macro, instead of copy pasting it into the command bar and running it.
You can delete macros.
You can edit macros.
MacroX Module. (read about it later)

Sounds great, how can I use it?

  1. Create a macro
    Write a script, select it, open up MacroX and click New Macro
  2. Run a macro
    Select a macro from the list. (purple outline means it is selected)
    Click Run Macro.
  3. Delete a macro
    Select a macro from the list.
    Click Del. Macro.


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The MacroX Module

The MacroX Module can be used to communicate with the plugin and do stuff with it.
Select a script in the explorer and click the Insert Module button.
The module must be the direct child of the script with and you must not change the name of it!
Require the module at the top of the script.
There ​are all the functions (this list is maybe outdated):

DisplayMessage(text : string)
RequestInput(text[optional] : string)
RunMacro(macroName : string)

Pro tip

There is a three dots button, click it to get some templates(pre-made macros) to learn about the MacroX Module.


Why use this over boatbomber's InCommand? It seems to be the same thing just with an extra module to run Macros in game.

Well, this plugin is free. I think the module is pretty useful. You can do a little bit more complex macros if you use the module. I like InCommand so I took inspiration from it.



What’s the difference between this plugin and the already existing plugin called Macro Manager.

I didn’t know about this plugin. Even if I knew about that plugin earlier, I would create MacroX because It’s good for practice and maybe somebody wants to use my plugin. I have no idea why is this a problem?

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I use the command bar a lot so this is perfect, however the description is a bit ominous…

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Thank you so much! It’s kinda hard to describe what this plugin actually does.

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This plugin appeals to me. But let me make a proposal. Modify the plugin’s User Interface. I believe that the existing User Interface is inadequate and should be revised.

This link looks sus even if it starts by

Welcome to Roblox, just search it up in the toolbox.

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