Made a DBS/Anime UI

Hi! Today I was messing around and had a idea to make a DBS UI, the background is one of my favorite characters, if you can guess it go ahead!

I hope you like this and feedback is appreciated!


Other Version (Newer)


also don’t be jealous when you see my power level :smirk:

Time took: 45 minutes


The UI look’s alright, it’s just really bright, I also don’t understand why you’re using 4 different font’s.

Nope, I used the same font, just less and more thin, if it’s the title you are talking about, well that was intentional, all of my font usage was intentional

so less bright? Hmmm will have to think on that

@RealisticWaves I don’t think it’s bright, I mean, maybe if you have sensitive eyes or something, but I will try to make it less bright

It’s too bright and the color of the text blends in- which is bad as it’s hard to read.

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What would be a optimal color in your opinion?

Also the blend in was intentional on the update log

I have gotten a lot of posts about it being to “Bright” so @WooleyWool and @RealisticWaves is this better?

Edited exposure and saturation

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I’m not a fan of the font on the update log; it doesn’t fit the light font of the rest of the UI.

Otherwise, it looks REALLY nice! Did you make this using ROBLOX’s built in gui editor or external software?

External software, roblox’s editor can’t handle these sorts of things, and it’s really crappy

I suggest using a different color, the pink is a bit bright and its a bit hard to tell what the background is because its so blurry.

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Sure it can; you just probably don’t like the supplied tools.

They have a decent amount of lighter fonts on here, and you can use an image for custom fonts if necessary

The background is meant to be blurry, so that way people can focus

and @infiniteRaymond made the text lighter