Made a Prison Game, Looking for Feedback!

Hello! I’ve been playing a lot of Prison Life and Redwood Prison lately, and, despite being several years old, their simplistic gameplay still remains super fun to this day. However, they look and feel very outdated.

Jailbreak, on the other hand, focuses more on robbing places to get money.

I was inspired by both Prison Life and Jailbreak to create a game that plays like Prison Life, but feels like Jailbreak. Basically a “modernized” Prison Life.

Here’s the link:
Imprisoned - Roblox

I’d appreciate some feedback, as I spent a great deal of time working on it. Let me know what you think, what can improve, any glitches that I missed, etc.

Thank you!


Your game, is certainly impressive, and it’s evident that you’ve dedicated a great deal of time and effort into its development. The gameplay brings back memories of classic titles like Prison Life and Jailbreak.

However, if you’re aiming to create a truly unique and captivating game, one aspect you might consider focusing on is remodeling the prison environment itself. Currently, the prison bears a striking resemblance to the one in Prison Life, and by incorporating more distinctive elements and features into the environment, you can set “Imprisoned - Roblox 4” apart from its predecessors, offering players a fresh and exciting experience.


Your game looks very interesting it kind of gives me the jailbreak kind of vibe which is good. I am guessing you are not done with everything in the game yet so I have some suggestions to improve the game.

  • I think that adding some more guns or cars to the game would be good so the player is able to spend their money on more stuff.

  • It would be cool to see some more gamepasses I see that you have SWAT which is interesting but it would be good to see other gamepasses such as sports cars and maybe a certain gun.

I wasn’t able to find too many bugs but some things you could also improve the game on is making the gameplay more engaging but this is probably because I was playing it by myself.

I do think your game is amazing though it is very hard for an individual to make a game like this.


Hello and thank you so much for the feedback :slight_smile:

Yes, you are certainly correct about that. I am definitely going to be looking into ways to update the prison and make it more unique. Unfortunately my poor building skills bar me from making anything to complex, so I’ll always be looking for ways to improve the build.

What features do you suggest? Always looking for ways to add new content!

Is the name of the game actually “Imprisoned - Roblox 4” ? Did I make a mistake somewhere because it’s supposed to say “Imprisoned” :sweat_smile:

Once again thank you so much for taking the time to play and give feedback!


sorry its imprisoned haha, i was playing another game and got the names mixed up apologies!


Considering your objectives and the game’s direction, Jailbreak serves as an excellent reference, although some ideas are already in use. To maintain focus on escaping, it’s best to carefully evaluate the addition of prison jobs. Instead, consider incorporating Inmate skills and abilities to offer unique gameplay experiences for prisoners. Additionally, introducing Daily challenges and rewards can motivate players to engage with the game regularly and enhance their overall gaming experience.
It’s mostly about making the game fun while retaining the players to make them keep playing day after day yknow!


Glad to hear!

I absolutely want to be adding more guns and cars in the future! While I am thinking about adding money, I don’t want the game to turn into a grinding-type game.

Absolutely! As you said, the game is not fully finished. More guns and vehicles are definitely on my to-do list.

Yep, the game unfortunately relies really heavily on multiplayer, the singleplayer experience isn’t exactly exciting.

Thank you so much for your input :smiley:

That’s a great idea, definitely will be implementing something like this!

Thank you for the advice, I’ll see what I can do!


This game has alot of potential! but it needs to be a little more original the assets and buildings looks straight out of prison life and jailbreak i recommend doing your own twist like your own prison layout/city layout etc other than that this game looks pretty good! great job!

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dude… you can’t even escape without a police or buying a gamepass


Thank you!

Yeah, you’re right about that. I’m not the greatest at building stuff out of my imagination, so I often use references. However I usually end up following these references a bit too closely! I can assure you though that I built and modeled everything (except the guns)

I will definitely try, though, to be more original!

Thanks for taking a look and providing feedback, much appreciated :smiley:

The game is meant to be played with multiple people. Escaping the prison isn’t supposed to be easy. You can kill a police officer and there is a chance they drop a keycard.

In the yard, however, a crowbar spawns next to the benches. This can be used to break the bar windows in the jail cells. Then you can escape.

As for the paid option, there isn’t really cash or anything you can buy or grind. So I made it an option to skip the prison entirely. It is still entirely possible to escape without purchasing it.

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I like your game very much, it brings back memories of when I used to play Mad City. One thing I would add is more ways to monetize. Currently you only have one, 75 robux gamepass. Once your game takes off, you probably will want to make revenue off of it. Consider adding more gamepasses and dev products.

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Thank you so much for playing!

I am for sure going to be adding more gamepasses and developer products in the near future!

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the game is pretty decent so far! however, i don’t really like these features:

  • players can pay to be an automatic criminal which ruins the fun in trying to escape the prison
  • the game has lots of free models and assets from other games which may not give it a good reputation

You should add a hint or add a marker on where to use the crowbar so the player wont get confused

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Thank you, glad you like it!

Since the game doesn’t feature anything to grind toward (cash), there isn’t really anything I could add microtransactions for. Thus, I decided to make it an option to skip the prison, or rejoin as a criminal when arrested.

I understand that this ruins the fun of escaping, but if people don’t like that stage of the game then this at least gives them the option to skip it. I am still working on balancing the prices for everything, so let me know if you think 15 Robux is too low or high.

Can you please point out what you believe to be a free model? Everything except for the guns (which use Roblox’s Weapon Kit) are built or modeled by me. But, I won’t lie and say I didn’t use references and inspirations when making my models. I can, however, promise I didn’t steal any assets from other games.

Good idea, working on implementing that. Currently, when equipping the crowbar, the player get’s a message saying “You can do something with this…” Do you think changing it to “You can pry bars with this” is better or should it be more obvious?


I also think having some kind of currency to grind for would make many players play the game for a lot longer. It also adds a feeling of accomplishment, as well as providing a way for players to unlock things like guns and vehicles. This could also be useful in the sense that players could buy cash using robux, monetizing the game further.

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I do understand that grinding will make the game more addictive, however grinding is something that I’m kind of looking to stay away from.

Currently there is a level up system, where XP can be earned by killing or arresting. In the future I am planning on adding XP “seasons” and rewards for leveling up, like new car and gun skins.

But I’m trying to keep the gameplay more similar to Prison Life for now, where it’s kind of up to you to decide what to do and there are no set instructions.

Thank you for the advice though, always looking for ways to improve!