Make a Test for People Before they Become a Member of the DevForums

I don’t like the idea of how EVERYONE can become a member of the DevForums by just reading some posts for a couple of hours. And here’s why:

  • There’s people who will have a problem and make 10 different posts about the same problem in span of 30 minutes.
  • There’s people who know little to nothing about coding, and tried nothing to solve their problem, begging and being spoon-fed scripts. People will give an in-depth explanation on how they can actually make it themselves, but instead they will mark someone who straight up gave the code or linked a YouTube tutorial.
  • There’s people who you help, that will not mark you as the solution, and will take your solution, running off.
  • Some people will have a problem, and won’t give any background or scripts to it.
  • There are people who do little to no research on their problems, which could’ve been solved with one simple google search.
  • Trolls on the forums (less common).

The list can go on and I could say more, but my point was, we need a way to prevent these people from getting on, or at least learning not to do so. Now you could say that the DevForums already has the official rules post, but I’m pretty sure that most people don’t even read it before getting on. So my solution was that, instead of automatically getting in, they would be eligible to take test. If passed, they would of course get in, but if failed, they would need to wait some time before taking it again.


There is a good reason not to enforce this, one being that you can ignore these facts and choose people who you think or know will do the right thing, don’t make the system more complicated than it already is.


It’s not scalable for the current growth of the forum. That could also be gamed with people just redoing the test until they get it right or just leaking the answers online.


Yup makes no sense to add this feature.

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I do agree that it would not be scalable and it could be gamed, but I still believe that there should be some system that would prevent these people from getting on.

I mean I don’t think they’d add something like that because of the fact that they want as many people here as humanly possible and putting a blanket solution like this would just end up being something people start ignoring. They already ignore messages from Dev Engagement so it’s more of an issue of how to make sure people don’t repeat their offenses.


This was the system of the DevForum before late 2017. It does not meet the explosive growth Roblox and the DevForum have seen lately, it gatekeeps information away from a lot of developers and it promotes a gross sense of elitism observed by “old” forum members.

Barriers for entry would still be appreciated in order to make sure the forum stays readily available for developers of all skill levels to come in, ask questions and bounce feedback off of others, learn from other developers or gather resources for their projects but an application or anything of the sort is not particularly intuitive or able to meet the forum’s growth.

Check other feature requests, such as “tactical barriers for entry”. I think something like that could be useful on top of any other forum improvements (e.g. curated information).


This is not a viable solution really. There’s a reason Regular exists and it’s no longer attainable right now.

The reason why Regular exists is different from why they closed PA for it lol

Yeah, that probably would happen

I don’t think people need tests for whether they are a developer or have read the rules or not but instead testing a user whether they are over 13 or not which is practically impossible

Well you can give me any test you want or can think of My 43 years of programming with any programming languages/Coding/RE" You want >"imageimage image image image image image image image image image image image image" < "So I don’t thing giving a test is the way to go the kids on here are very smart I think cause like I said test me, but I’m not 13 I’m 52, so I think it should be an age thing. But I know what you are saying, I have seen Admin’s on here with less post/badges/and so on as me and I said what the image I had a kid Admin telling what to do on the Dev Forum I said how old are you they would not say I said do you know what this is “ANSI C” or this interpreter of compiled bytecode they said no I said please don’t tell me what to write on the forum. Sorry if I went too far, Have a great day PS If you can tell what my signature is we can talk programming/coding �レuム

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Not really an issue tbh, I haven’t seen any members do it till yet.

That’s true, but there already exists a rule.

Calm down buddy, solutions aren’t even considered, they mean nothing, and wouldn’t affect your forum account.

Sure, I could ask Google, “Where is the error in my code?” and get a million other useless search.

You should know that there are beginners who ask silly questions, that’s the sign of one learning. Rather than moaning about people asking questions, you could either answer their question, or you could simply mute the category.

All in all, with almost 600k people in the forum, it isn’t worth it, trying to make up a test for users, to gain their entry into forum.

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Where’d you get that number? :joy:


I agree but the problem with online tests is that people can just look up the answers. There needs to be another way to make sure people understand the rules that can’t be easily bypassed, but I don’t know what that could be.

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Actually, there are 619K users on the DevForum, and you can find the stats by clicking on the three bars near your profile pic and then the about button.

If 5 days ago there was less than 600K users, 19K people would have joined, and giving a test to 1K people and grading it would be like hell.

The forum is growing too fast to manually test every user who joins the forum.

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but why was pa closed and no longer obtainable to this day

Can you actually link proof to it? There is no way that there is this many people on the DevForum. Anyone can throw numbers around with no merit.

You can view the stats here. In the “users” category, it says 619K in the all time section.

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