Make Asset Configuration Window Resize-able

I am not able to resize the animation editor “Export To Roblox” popup window (Asset Configuration). This is a nuisance especially if I am trying to write over an animation with a long name, as it is truncated and depending on how you name your animations, you may have issues.

For example: in this video I try to write over a specific “Sawed-off …” animation:

video of my struggle

But I can’t resize the window and find the right one. Instead, I have to go through the website or my code and find the animation id and then paste it into Filter ID. Quite annoying.

This was touched on lightly here but never received a response.


Would a tooltip with the full title if you hovered your mouse over the tile instead solve your problem?

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It could, assuming there’s no other issues that are caused by the window not being resizeable.

Resizing the window is more intuitive to me, as it expands all the items in my view, rather than hovering one by one until I find it. Of course, another solution could be to just allow for more text/text wrapping in the asset title.

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