Make Avatar Type (R6 / R15) in local files changeable

I have recently noticed that after a few new updates, changing your avatar rig type has been removed for local files. Used to, you would go to the Game Settings Option on the Home Tab. The Game Settings menu now requires that you publishing the game before it will allow you to edit anything. While I get this feature, it is quiet annoying seeing as I only use local files for all of my projects. This is due to the ease of saving using Ctrl+S, less prone to crashing (unsure on accuracy of this), and auto-backup of all my files and creations to my cloud service of choice, rather then roblox which is only linked to my account.

I noticed this bug about 2 weeks ago I believe and had hopped it was just a fluke.

I had read that the game should default to what the user has selected, however this is defiantly not the case. The game will ALWAYS default me to R15 and completely ignore my R6 choice.

I believe roblox needs to bring back the Game Settings menu to local files as it also will not allow me to set HTTP Requests. Along with gravity, jump height, walk speed, max slope angle, and other such humanoid settings.

While I know I can write/get a script that will solve most if not all of these issues. I would rather not have to remember to insert said script into every single one of my local files and ones to come.


At the very least this should be a settable property under StarterPlayer.

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