Make backpack update keybinds when tools are removed

As a Roblox player, it is currently annoying to have items stay with their current key bindings when items are removed from the player’s backpack.

Say I had two swords, and I dropped one, this would happen:
(I only have one item in my backpack at the time of the screenshot)

In this situation I am often disoriented and fine myself pressing the wrong key when trying to equip an item like this. If this was a… tense situation, e.g. a clan battle, and that happened, then this could have an effect on the entire outcome.

If this were to be fixed, myself and others would find it much easier to equip tools when the contents of the backpack have been modified.


In your use case, it doesn’t matter which tool you select since they’re all the same, so shifting them down 1 selecting another sword is fine. In others, it may not work out so well. Imagine the following scenario:

  • My loadout is 1. Pistol, 2. Shotgun, 3. RPG
  • I drop the pistol to pick up a revolver
  • I go around shooting others with the revolver
  • Someone jumps out in front of me, and instinctively I press 2 for my close-range weapon
  • I shoot, but instead of shotgun pellets I get an explosive and blow myself up

Generally it’s a bad idea to shift UI layout because the user will expect something to be in one place, and then it’ll be in another. For your place, it sounds like the issue could be resolved by disabling tool dropping, which would prevent accidentally picking up tools other users dropped – AFAIK there’s not a major benefit to allowing swords to be dropped.

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Yeah but then it that case it would be the developer’s responsibility to set the position of the tool when the revolver is picked up (well, in the event that Roblox implements the ability to do that lol)

It’s not particularly an issue for my places, but as a player it is just annoying.
And the issue is not fixed by having the same weapon, it is because suddenly you have one weapon which can only be used by 2 key (which is just weird).

Either way, I think now that Roblox should allow developers to set an item’s position, and have default behaviour be what I conveyed.

This would not be good default behavior – it is only preferable for niche use cases where all tools in the game are the same, so shifting them around doesn’t matter. If you can find more kinds of games (e.g. a few from the front page) where this behavior would be useful, it may be worth looking into, but otherwise clan developers making bad games doesn’t sound like a Roblox problem.