Make DevForum acceptance manual

This is true. But do remember that you will be speaking with a staff member, and they are real people, not bots.


Honestly I liked the manual acceptance to the DevForum. It kept the DevForum easy to browse and use. Whenever the automatic acceptance came out, a lot more low quality and low effort things came with it.


I don’t mind manual approval as long as anyone who was accepted automatically has to go through the process. People should not be allowed to skip the manual approval process just because they were here before the process was made manual. This is the only way to make it fair.

What would be nice is having a system for both automatic and manual approval and allowing users to hide posts from anyone who was automatically approved. Another option is just having different sections that allow only people with manual approval to post.

However, ROBLOX removed manual approval because it is a lot of work to evaluate people. I don’t see ROBLOX reverting back unless the forum starts getting botted like it was back in the days of the original ROBLOX forum (ATR, Scripting Helpers, etc,.)


I’ve heard that they’re actually working on some kind of system. We just need to be patient and keep flaging. Posting topics like this will just stress the DET and will not help the community at all.

  • Be patient
  • Flag posts
  • Enjoy Holidays :wink:


The elitism stage of the DevForum was worse. I prefer that the DevForum now is more open and welcoming to all users; there are just slight inconveniences to deal with if you’re an active user here.

People don’t read. Manual processes are not scalable. There’s a reason the application process for the forum was removed. We have rules and category guidelines, those aren’t read, so anything more is pointless. Staff aren’t all-knowing and can’t be the final stop to verify work; that’s why venues to raise issues exist. If you contact DevEngagement with proper proof of plagiarism it’ll be handled.

This is meant to be a place for developers of all skill levels to come and learn.


Well, I think acceptance should not be turned manual. It was hard enough for me to join (even thought I spent lots of time reading threads), and if the system changes, it would be even harder, and more frustrating, for other people to join the DevForum. In the months I have been here, I never saw a scammer, a troll or a person with misleading information and/or work.

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Elitism and elite, as far as this goes, are different. Elitism was the separation of the TLs, in contrast, this forum is elite because not everyone on the site can immediately post (there are guidelines).

Exactly why I’m proposing this. Key word developers. Some non-devs are making their way into here and it’s hurting us.


Isn’t that how it’s accepted now?

Leaving that aside, I think that only a few changes should be made, because, people simply do not respect the rules, and that is why there is chaos.

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Yeah, it’s basically to clarify that the 3 hour read time stays the same.


Oh, I’m sorry, I read it wrong. Although maybe you could go up…


I think manual approval should be added, but it shouldn’t be as hard as it was previously. It should be a lot simpler because a lot of new developers only have the Developer Forum to rely upon for development help, and taking that away would not be a good thing.


I was auto accepted into the forum. And to be honest, I was trash at developing at that time. But now I’ve grown. I’m better now. I feel like a valuable community member.

If manual acceptance happens, will I be kicked out?

Sure, manual acceptance would make the devforum community a lot better. But having manual acceptance means way less members, a way less active community.

And also, with this system, people that are bad at developing would not be able to join. Being a member on the devforum is a great learning experience and has helped me a lot.

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I never said that people that are bad at developing wouldn’t be accepted. As long as you can prove you did something, you can be accepted.


While I actually agree with your proposal somewhat, this just screams elitism. Already, we have people talking borderline condescendingly to people who are obviously younger. It’s not realistic to give them pieces of advice that should be given to older members. They should be given support that they understand, rather than being told to do something and left in the dust when they ask for further help/explanation.

That said, its also honestly unrealistic to think that most of them will be making top hits anytime soon (or most of us for that matter, I’m being a realist). Although they should get help, maybe the DevForum isn’t the right place for them. That’s the only reason I think your idea should be put in place. The only problem with this is that they lose out on rich information, even if they may not understand it.

Honestly, the DevForum just needs a better automation process.


Yes but the Developer community is growing very fast right now, its the reason why they closed #platform-feedback to members. Manually accepting bug reports to become a topic was starting to get too difficult because the fast increase of members from May 2020 to December 2020 caused more people joining the DevForums with no knowledge on where and what to post. My point is that if they manually accept people, it might end up like the UGC application form where it would take months just for them to see your work due to thousands of others that are also applying.

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I agree with automatic acceptance but it needs a few tweaks like, if the player has been 6 months active on the platform, a proof that is into developing, etc. I am so sick and tired of the immature, trying to trash this haven for developers.


Oh, i didn’t knew, just gonna edit that out


The first order of business would be to bring in the replacement to the Post Approval process. Then, categories intended for high level development discussion should be kept visible to members, but not allow them to make posts or replies. If a member wishes to post something in said categories, they run it through Post Approval 2.0. Then, an automated process will promote members who have had many successful posts approved to regular.

I can see where Roblox was going with this, but they made a poor decision by axing one essential feature (Post Approval) and then completely halting any progress towards this goal, leaving us with a totally unusable DevForum for the past few months. Once the Post Approval replacement is in place, everything should be back to smooth operation.


I personally think manual acceptance is needed for getting regular and not member. It would keep some categories not infested a lot and would prove a way that there’s reliable developers there. Would also make it so people who are serious can report bugs and get stuff fixed.


Members should still be able to reply to #development-discussion threads, I don’t see why they shouldn’t reply. The only issue about Members in the #development-discussion category is that they’re creating trash topics, sure there maybe off-topic posts being posted there, but the bigger issue here is the topics not the posts.

They didn’t ‘axe’ Post Approval, if you are not aware, they’re tired and becoming weakened because of the influx of topics being posted in categories that require Post Approval, considering the fact that this forum’s membership has increased in a larger number.
It was not really a poor decision, as this would no longer stress out users who were formerly part of the Post Approval Team.

In full honesty, I find it repulsive to see Members posting in the wrong categories like posting bug reports at #development-discussion and bringing up excuses ‘there’s no post approval and #platform-feedback is locked’. DET has already provided a method for Members to report bugs, and to be honest, I don’t see why users of this forum is complaining about that specific issue, considering the fact they could just report it to, rather than posting it here and expecting for likes.
I’m truly disgusted that some people of the forum treat this as a social media type of forum, which should not actually be the case, as this forum’s goal is for development, not about social media.

In my opinion, about Manual Acceptance, it’s completely going to be horrible and this idea is honestly bad, for one, as stated by many people above, it would be hard for the Roblox Staff Team to accept people one by one through applications, which is why applications was taken down in the first place, secondly, people who are accepted in this forum, would feel they’re something special and go on placing it in their stats like ‘I’m a DevForum Member’ which is honestly, wrong.
Lastly, developers need this forum for development-related activities, like asking feedback for creation, development support, or reporting a bug report.