Make DevForum acceptance manual

As a Roblox developer, it is currently too hard to browse what was once the professional and elite DevForum without seeing spam posts by users, likely underage, using alts to sneak in and spam absolute trash all over the forum.

If Roblox is able to address this issue, it would improve my experience using the forum because I can use the DevForum for professional development support, feedback, and discussion.

Now to elaborate:

In the past 30 minutes I’ve seen about 3-4 make that 5 spam posts in various categories (please don’t tell me to stop talking about closing development discussion), and it’s clear that the problem is they can spam read time to eventually spam trash.

Now, I know I was auto-accepted in, but I was one of the many that are into development, and had made multiple works, whether public or private, that were on par with the standards that were originally set here.

Unfortunately in the past few months, multiple trolls and spammers are being accepted in. They likely don’t know what local means, or don’t know what DevEx is.

We need change now. We need manual acceptance. This will absolutely improve my experience using this forum as a professional resource.

My exact proposal:

  • Require 3 hours read time, as needed now
  • Have a staff member request development showcases, made by that account, that can be verified as their work
  • Let them in. If it is found that it wasn’t their work, ban them (as according to Global Rule 17)

Let’s hear the community’s input. Either vote on the poll, reply below, or both.

  • Manual acceptance into the Devforum
  • Automatic acceptance, but something needs changed
  • Keep it how it is

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Previously the application process was similar to the second step of your proposal, however the DevForum got much more traffic with the removal of the regular forums.

I think the best approach would be to revert back to how it was before but only allow users with 6 hours or more of read time apply.

The user’s account must also be 30 days old.


Bots are taking over this type of stuff, and it really sucks. And some of them are just siblings that want to get revenge or whatever.


The recent trolls were not alt accounts. They had been posting for many months earlier. They both started spamming at the same exact moment. Their writing styles did not match up with their earlier posts.
Anyone can be compromised and used to spam on devforum without any further verification if they are already verified.

The troll is not someone’s sibling. It’s an excuse. You are believing the troll.

@FrozenModule voted on the poll. That means he saw your post! He must be feeling really good about himself.


This is true, and these attacks are what inspired me to write this, however, there have been other attacks in the past. Also, there are some clearly underage users spamming :kissing::hear_no_evil::bank::bank: at the end of posts, they don’t belong here and probably don’t know any development.

In other words, this will not only help stop spam/trolls, but it will stop underage users (hopefully) too, since staff will realize it’s an alt.


If you do make it manual, in no way make it like the previous one-I’ve improved greatly and having that taken away from me would have make me lose interest in development.


I think the manual acceptance is the best option, I know this is also a bit extreme but if you do get reported for being underage then you should show ID.


I’m not sure you understand? You’ll be locked in to the forum if you’re already in. But this will stop users raiding the forum, and it will stop underage users.

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He could also be full on trolling too. But remember, his account was made ages ago, and he had mature posts before this happened. Why would he randomly want to destroy his account?

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What type of ID though? All I have is a BLine card.

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Maybe 6 months old would be a better idea. Not many people are going to know much of Studio in 30 days. Lots of actual developers here have had their accounts for over 6 months (for me 4 years).


I do understand-sorry if I wasn’t clear. I came in here wanting to learn some stuff. I have greatly improved by being here, and I would have hated if that opportunity was taken away from me. Not everyone on the devforum is the best at what they do, they get here to improve.


You could use a passport, driving license or anything that shows the PASS symbol.

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I’m thirteen and I don’t think my mum would allow me to show my passport.


I don’t think my mum would personally allow me to either but on platforms like Discord, you do have to verify ID if your reporting underage.

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Yeah, but we shouldn’t have people who just opened Studio and say “I’m a developer.” To elaborate, you should make something original, even if it isn’t great, before being accepted in.


That is very true. I guess I will have to try and prove my mother that it isn’t something that is untrustworthy. She hates giving credit card info for online purchase. (Let’s stop getting off-topic now)


Exactly. I started out on 8th December 2016 with placing free models in a game but I gradually became more used to Studio and now I’m a UI Designer (who doesn’t need any free models at all, I even try to make my own icons).


Yeah, but then you could have them make a 30minute low quality build that isn’t barely recognizable, create a bunch of alts and make similarish stuff.

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Atleast something with an if statement and Event function, or at minimum 5 attachments (that have a clear use) if they want to be a modeller.