Make disconnection from a game more obvious to players

As a developer, it’s hard to indicate that a player has disconnected. Currently there’s just a little red banner.

Today I walked in to see me 6 and 7 year old nephews angry over a Roblox game because it wasn’t working correctly. I noticed they had been disconnected for being idle for too long. They had no idea what I meant. The red banner at the top meant nothing to them


Support. I would like to see some sort of pop up like in For Honour, where it’s a semi-large window that is displayed in the middle of the screen, telling you why you were disconnected.

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I agree the UI should be updated. The text is a bit too small for some people to notice.


We should have control over it like we do over the chat and leaderboard, just cause.


I think that would be like being able to edit the Escape menu. I believe it should be the same across each game, so users won’t be confused. If developers could edit the pop up, they could change it to try to scam users. If there’s a way to trick or scam people, chances are someone will try it.

They can already do that with regular UI though. We can already change kick message text, I see no reason why we can’t change how it looks.


I would love the ability to add things to it, as the Xbox menu has a couple empty spaces. However, I agree that people shouldn’t have access to edit the menu itself, just to keep consistency across games so players always know how to navigate the menu.