Make DraftsService PluginSecurity

As a developer it’s impossible to compare/view drafts and to commit edits programmatically through a Plugin.

This would allow plugins to work with Collaborative Editing in a way that would enable Syncers to view changes/versions before setting their sources or determining if there’s a difference between local and client versions to make the user aware of the changes/merges.

This paired with permissions requirements would extend the capabilities of Plugins


I heard the reason Roblox is locking down these services is so they dont have to support them with long-time support (cough getfenv)

It’s a stupid excuse since supported features have been scrapped in the past: LinkedSource, Outlines, Private modules, etc.


Ok, this is a based take but hear me out.

These methods should be atleast LocalUserSecurity if not PluginSecurity. There is no reason why drafts are protected under the RobloxScript context.

This also extends to some of the other services and members (cough the Game Settings hidden under the StarterPlayer, or the StudioData instance).

This new approach of, oh only Roblox can touch it because only Roblox can be trusted completely undermines the point of plugins. Imagine the Animation or ChangeHistoryService APIs if only Roblox’s trusted plugins can use it.

Roblox a few years ago pitched plugins as a way to expand Studio utilising the same tools that they used to develop the Terrain Editor or Animation Editor, and gave us free access to the APIs that they utilised. Recently, however, they seem to have taken the route of locking everything down and forgetting that developer plugins existed.

Plugins still have a lot to be desired, better RibbonBar customisation, undockable widgets, a proper File IO, removal of HttpService rate limits, better input handling, just to name a few.

Lets bring this back on topic now, there is no reason for locking down DraftsService as Roblox have no security reason for this, and the announcement for that was the tipping point. I just needed somewhere to vent about it and here we are.


I share the same sentiment as @metatablecatgirl .

Roblox did in-fact pitch plugins as a way to expand Studio utilizing the same tools that were to develop the more generic tools that studio used such as Terrain Editor and Animation Editor.

This is not what Roblox development should be about. Stop making it harder to expand studio because you want everyone to use generics. I am so tired of seeing plugins neglected, seeing the basic principle of third-party usage neglected.

This is the reason why we all use Rojo. No other reason, just this. Studios toolchain does not cut it. Locking me down to one ecosystem does not cut it. I, along with many other people, like freedom. I want to be able to personalize and adapt my workflow to fit my needs. I can’t do that right now simply because, plugins do not cut it.

If it’s coming to the point where plugins are being locked and Roblox is locking down its ecosystem, maybe y’all should try to figure out as to why and then, talk to developers about a solution. Remaking all these random tools that mirror real life does not cut it. It’s a waste of resources for something that can already be accomplished and has been tested for years.

What bugs me the most about this is that Plugins are amazing. They allow you to bridge a service to Roblox and make it better. However, the way that it’s being treated as some sub-par sin is sad and probably drives away experienced talent on this platform.

Plugins are the most powerful tool a developer can have on this platform.

Please treat it as such.

Edit: Collaborative Edits is a cop-out for git.

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