Make Forum support some Unicodes

Premium, Verified, and Robux Unicode Characters.
as in this post some unicodes like Robux, premium, and verified look like symbols
where the original should be the icon listed below

Robux: 
Premium: 
Verified: 

my suggestion is to make it as it should be (ikr this suggestion is kinda unecessary but why not :v)
also it would be cool if we could paste those emojis/unicode into the forum. thx


We already have :robux: :robux_gold: :robux_light:, having :premium: and :verified: would be nice though.



I’ll find out if we can add these to the Builder font natively so that it automatically applies to the forum.

These are not official Unicode standard characters, these are Roblox-specific stand-ins for specific unused Unicode values that do not normally map to valid characters. This is why you don’t automatically see them occur in all fonts and all places Roblox.