Make Fun Captcha easier and require fewer tries

As a roblox user it is hard to pass the fun captcha when you are using incognito mode or a browser that does not store information on you (example: cookies), this results in roblox giving you ~10 “fun” captchas to complete, if even one of these is wrong (by one minor movement) you are forced to redo them again.

This is absolutely horrible for people who do not have good vision, and even myself, who has good vision; I can find it hard sometimes to complete them all, as the reason that some of them are wrong is because they are one click off, with the positioning of the icons and the shadows it can look to be “upright” however Roblox thinks it’s 3° off.

Please make Fun Captchas more forgiving. It should never exceed 5 captchas, especially not for the reasons it does currently. Ideally it should only ever ask for 1 or 2.

If Roblox was to address this issue it would be much easier for real users to post on walls, register accounts and navigate the site in other parts that require such captcha’s. I am from the UK, using a UK IP. I cannot imagine the trouble for someone in a foreign country that is red flagged.

Fun Captcha has indeed given unreasonable grief to some users in other countries.


I live In the UK and Recently when I attempt to make any new accounts, I get around 5 Images then soon after I have done them I get another 5 and It’s hard to know which Is the right side up. (I know this is to stop any bot accounts from logging In but this is also affecting the Roblox community.)





I think It would be a better feature to be able to edit the one you did wrong then reset the whole 9 Images.

I appreciate any feedback to solve this Issue If It’s something Im doing wrong.


I kind of agree but Roblox uses a third party tool for this so it might be difficult without making their own. I’ve legitimately seen people need to solve 20+ captchas in a row and it seriously needs to change. It’s unacceptable that people should get that many captchas because of where they live.


As Roblox is using a third-party solution, as Hexcede stated, it will be difficult for Roblox to do something about this. It will require changes at Arkose Labs, which are the ones providing the FunCaptcha service.

These services are “smart” and are using machine learning to try to realize if a request is made through a bot or not. Russia, Asia and the counties in those areas are more flagged because most of D(D)oS attacks origin from there. For example, my website was DDoSed once with almost 32 million requests, and these requests came from some counties in Asia.

So basically there is little to nothing Roblox can do. Still, FunCaptcha feels more like a desperate solution to botting issues, and this definitely needs some reconsideration. I personally don’t have issues with FunCaptcha, but that’s simply because I’m in Europe. I can understand others’ frustration when they have to solve a million prompts, though.