Impossible Roblox captcha

People from Russia, Ukraine and other countries are getting the hardest captchas possible when logging into Roblox. Me and my friends are always getting ~10 images to roll, which is really annoying and sometimes it requires you multiple attempts to log in.

I expect to get ~5 captchas, as my friends from other countries say.

Amount of log ins: ~2 times a day
Browser: Chrome, Firefox and Opera
Extensions: uBlock, but it doesn’t seem to be affecting the captcha process because I get the same problem on a freshly installed browser (Image of completed captcha with uBlock disabled in the spoiler below)


^ uBlock disabled

upd. the same thing happens when you try to join a group

The problem has started appearing right after the new captcha was implemented


You don’t use a VPN or anything right? I usually see this happen when people use VPNs

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No. Although you can see that I have a VPN extension, but it’s disabled


This is not just the countries you’ve described above, I’m currently on holiday in the Middle East/Asia and I’ve had to solve 20 consecutive captcha’s at one point, with the average being around 10. I’m not using a VPN, I have no chrome extensions, and this occurs whether I’m on a cellular hotspot or regular broadband.


From someone who lives in the Middle East, I can not experience this problem, I mostly get between 1-5 images.

I can also confirm that I’ve experienced different captchas when I traveled to a different country.

I live in Canada. When I’m in Canada, I usually have to roll objects two or three times. I’ve never rolled more objects in Canada. When I’m in Sweden, I have to roll 10 images and never any less.

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Was considering filing a bug report about this myself, glad to see someone beat me to it! Was attempting to make an account for my younger brother, when I’d fill in the captcha it’d make me do 5, then 20 and then all of them would be incorrect.

The amount a circle rotates is also lessened when making a new account and is incredibly frustrating.

I live in the UK with no VPN, tried multiple different browsers and the windows 10 roblox app to no avail.

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Happened to me before. I think roblox’s algorithm errors in some countries or for some reason detects bots on that end of the server.

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I live in Norway and I usually get max 2 captchas at a time. I don’t use VPN.

I’m in the US and rarely see any captchas. I have only needed to complete a captcha twice this month. I see what Roblox is trying to do, but I think it needs a ton of work at the moment.

I can trigger a captcha by logging in and out three times so this appears to be affected by bot-like behavior.

Strange, I live In Sweden and I only get to roll 2 captchas. Did you happen to be wandering outside while solving them?

Nope, inside my Airbnb. Very strange indeed! Maybe Roblox detected my account was accessed in a different country than the norm.

I have 20 captcha to solve too then it’s says than everything is not correct… :confused:
I live in France.

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Ya im in the U.S and sometimes I’ll get 2 and sometimes I’ll get like 10. So the way I think it works is it bases it off your location and how many times you are logging in back and forth.

The problem is still relevant and more people are affected by it, especially Russians

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internal ukrainian screaming
No, seriously. This captcha is haunting me. It’s haunting a lot of people. It’s not “fun” at all.

What scary story I will tell to my friends

You log out for no reason. Then, you want to log back in. You enter your username and password, click “Log In” and wait. That green button is opaque again and you feel like something’s about to happen. Your screen fades to black and a window pops up. There’s some text, but that doesn’t matter. The only thing that matters is that wolf mesh without a texture. You already feel that something bad will happen. You turn that mesh, then click a button below it. Repeat. Then, you misclick an arrow and it was at this moment that you knew. You screwed up. You hope that it is fine. You do the rest of images. Exhausted, you check the last, 9th picture. And no! That stupid image wasn’t correct! Repeat. Repeat those 9 circles of hell! Then, you check those 9 pictures again, and you missed one of them. And again. And again! Then, you see that you failed too often and you need to wait for a year to try again! This is terrifying.

I know at least 4 people who didn’t register just because they got 15 captchas

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I can confirm this happens on Windows 10 while using Chrome (I’m also in North America)

However, this glitch only sometimes happens but is very irritating when it does.

Speaking of the cases I know, what matters is the location, not the browser.
P.S Your Chrome may be infected

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This may be an issue regarding funcaptcha itself and you may have more luck contacting them rather than Roblox