Make HttpService limit a linear relationship with players in-game

With DataStoreService, there’s a Get/SetAsync limit of 60 + numPlayers * 10

HttpService doesn’t match the consistency of DataStoreService’s limits, which is a linear relationship.
I don’t see why HttpService is capped to 500 per server, regardless if there is 1 player in the server or 200 players. In cases like backing up user data to an external website, you would either have a ton of leftover requests or barely struggling to keep up under the limit.

Perhaps the cap for HttpService could be the same as DataStoreService.


What would require more than 500 a minute? Any specific use cases?


I don’t know, but it sure isn’t with consistency with DataStoreService’s limit.

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They may be willing to raise the limit if there are enough strong use cases, but you or someone else has to specify these.

What you mention doesn’t seem very convincing for increasing the limit, because suppose you only save data for each player once every minute (which is already quite frequent), that would only consume 200 requests at most in a 200 player server (which you would probably not even reach, since 200 players on a base plate already seems too much for Roblox to handle right now).


We’ve talked about doing this but usually when a developer is sending more than 500 requests per minute, they are trying to do something involving realtime communication like cross server chat. There are better ways to support these use cases than with HTTP requests.


My use case will be that I want to use an external recommendation engine in my avatar game and I also want as big player servers as possible (I expect DDOS attractiveness to be the limiting factor)

Honestly, this is a feature I would really need for my projects.

I make A LOT of crazy HTTP things with my webserver such as full body tracking IN GAME!
Unfortunitely, I can only have one person with full body tracking because just 1 person already is dangerously close to the limit. Having an unlocked limit that can scale depending on the player count would be extremely useful as it would mean I would be able to also fit in multiple of my friends to try body tracking in game!

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As Roblox expands their servers to accommodate 700 or more players, 500 HTTP requests/minute does not even leave exactly one request per person per minute, making it difficult for developers to store data on external databases without using some serious network optimization.

If Roblox is to seriously support their vision of massive player servers, then we need the HttpService limit to increase.