Make it Easier to Join Empty Servers on Front Page Games

In the past few days this “Issue” really annoyed me a lot. Since I am a Streamer, I always want to try to join the most emptiest Server possible, so most of the viewers are able to join.

Sadly with the current Server List it is really not possible.
Certain Games have so many Servers that by just scrolling down and clicking on “Show more” it would take so much time that most people would lose interest in actually playing.

I know that there is extensions out there which make this a lot easier, but I am not a huge fan of extensions in the first place and was wondering why Roblox does not implement a feature that allows players to just skip through the pages.

Example maybe similar to the Catalog but instead you are able to put the Number you want in and instantly skip to the last Page:

Now some people would recommend me VIP Servers instead, here are my problems with VIP Servers

For certain games the VIP server costs are really high. They do take up to 200 Robux or even more.

For the 15 Games we are playing that would be a ton of Robux.
Since we tend to join really random games sometimes, that still have a pretty high amount of players in their servers, the amount of games can change pretty quickly.

Mobile Players can’t join VIP Servers, unless you invite them into the server which you have to do one for one. Which can be really time consuming and just a bit annoying.

Since I don’t always have the same viewer and also the amount can change from Stream to Stream, there are quite a few mobile players each stream and it would be unfair if they could not join.


VIP servers cost because you are paying for the privilege of being able to decide how full your server is and have it reserved for you.

It makes more sense to ask Roblox to fix VIP links for mobile and then use the feature as intended.

If you could decide everything about live servers then VIP servers would be pointless.

If the cost of the VIP server is too high for you, take it up with the game owner or choose another game. That’s how open markets work. Or use your proceeds from streaming to pay for it in the same way you’d pay for internet access to allow you to stream, and electricity to power your computer. If this is something you need to be able to stream then count it as another expense.


I don’t really see a big problem with adjusting that to be honest. I mean I could just go ahead and use an extension that literally does that job, that a majority of Players seems to use anyways.

I myself just don’t like extensions that much.
Furthermore could you already technically skip to the last page, so the only thing that would be changed here is an option or a button that allows you to get easier to the last page.

The point is I am not a full time streamer, it is just a hobby. My request was just to ask why Extensions have that feature, while Roblox does not. I do not see how this would affect VIP Servers as they would also be affected by the current Server List if people have enough time to scroll down.

That would still be the case.

Here is just an example to underline what I asked for with this whole post:


I suggest you use either BTRoblox or Roblox+ (I don’t remember which anymore, sorry!) cus one of the plugins replaces the current layout of the server lists with the old one. It works perfectly and is safe too!



Until this Roblox creates this feature I have a simple trick to get to the (almost) empty servers of a game without using any extensions.
I am using Google Chrome for this on desktop, I am not sure if it works for other browsers.

Alright, at the server tab scroll down and press ‘Load More’ once.

After you did that spam the space bar until the little scroll thing at the right side of your screen stops getting smaller.
Then you press the key with End on it on your keyboard or you just hold the arrow down key.

And boom there you are. I hope that this helps!

That is pretty much what the OP suggests that should be changed…

Would definitely recommend using a roblox extension to achieve your goal, something like BTRoblox and any other good roblox related extension. I would recommend BTRoblox fully, considering it’s one of the best and probably most efficient out there.