Make It Easier to Order Games, Models, Clothing, and Collections Under the Creations Tab/ Profile Page

As a Roblox developer, it is currently too hard to order my games under the creations tab to my liking.

To order the games I want in the correct order, I have to use the inefficient “Add to Profile” “Remove from Profile” method.


This is terrible because not only is the change not instant, meaning it takes a while for the page to actually upload; It’s a painfully slow way to order games to my liking. Take my creations tab:

I’ve just added one of my newest showcases to my profile. If I want it to be at the very end, I’ll have to add the showcase to my profile, and then individually go to every single game and add it in the right order.

The workflow is absolutely absurd. I’m lucky in that I don’t have many games on my creations tab.

You may ask why order matters? It can determine what you see first, your crowning creation, and what you see last, something not as significant.

This is true for models, clothing, and collections, too. They all essentially have to same issue.

Roblox could implement a drag and drop, a numbering system, just anything other than add and remove to profile.

A sister post with essentially the same issues but pertaining to favorited games can be found here.

If Roblox is able to address this issue, it would improve my development experience because I would be able to efficiently order games under my creations tab.

Thank you.